Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meow Like a Pirate

We are all meowing like pirates.  We be five now, enough for a crew.  We have set sail on the good ship, Filet O' Fish in search of booty and adventure.  Oja is the captain, as she has the firmest paw.  Spyro be the first mate.  Bambino takes on the duties of cabin boy and top hand, as he is the fastest climber.  Rocio mans the guns and Horus is the lookout.  Off we go!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


 Karen Jo:  You kitties all read the posts on the Tabby Cat Club about how to drive your parents crazy, didn't you?

All:  Of course we did.  We all belong to the club.

Karen Jo:  One of you decided that Derby had a good one by yacking on the carpet and staining it.  I found two yak spots by the computer desk with Stinky Goodness and kibble in them.  Now who eats in the computer room and gobbles as much Stinky Goodness as he can hold?

Bambino:  Why are you looking at me?  I have never yakked up anything.  Horus and Oja are the yakkers around here.  Oja eats in the computer room and she's so . . . (Oja glares at Bambino) er, floofy that it was probably her.
 Oja:  I only yak up hairballs.
 Horus:  Don't look at me.  I hardly eat the Stinky Goodness.  I prefer the kibble.  I admit to nomming on grass when I escape and I did barf that up one time.
 Spyro:   I eat in the kitchen most of the time and I have never yakked up food, only hairballs.
Rocio:  I hardly ever eat in the computer room any more.  Oja and Bambino gobble it all up between them.  I am lucky to get a bite.  I have been eating in the safe room when I get any at all.

Karen Jo:  Oh, poor you.  I have seen you going around and checking every dish to see if there was any Stinky Goodness left and if there is you clean it up.  I guess the yak will remain a mystery.

Karen Jo:  Thanks to all of you for your responses to my post "Who's the Alpha?"  I am glad to know that there doesn't have to be an alpha cat and I will stop trying to figure it out.  I think I have figured out a little bit about Rocio's behavior.  The other morning Horus was annoying Rocio something awful.  I put a stop to it, but a few hours later Rocio started annoying Oja.  That one wasn't too bad, so I just told Rocio to knock it off and he eventually did.  A couple of hours after that, Oja and Rocio were giving each other nose kisses.  There was a blissful period of about 10 days when no cat was annoying any other cat, so I do think that Rocio has stopped annoying Oja just on his own.  He only does it now when Horus has been picking on him.  Why Horus picks on Rocio I don't know, unless it's some kind of status thing.  Oja is becoming more tolerant of Bambino.  She even licked the very end of his tail when they were both in bed with me.  Maybe all my cats will be friends with each other eventually.