Monday, January 30, 2012

Mancat Monday

I was sound asleep in my hammick when Mom started to sneak up on me with the camera.  I just opened my eyes a slit, saw what she was doing and went back to sleep.  Mom spilled some nip on my hammick the other day and that makes it even more special.

Karen Jo:  You certainly are not a nip-head.  You didn't even play with the ball that I had marinated in the nip today.

Nip doesn't affect me all that much.  I really go for a new nip toy the first time you give it to me, but after that it doesn't seem like as much fun.  The only nip toy that I played with time after time was my nip syringe.  It's too bad that Emma destroyed it.

Karen Jo:  I am thinking about getting you a new nip toy from that company for your birthday.

That would be nice.  You were on the computer a lot today, but you weren't blogging.

Karen Jo:  I need a new computer or to update the one I have.  I was researching what I need/want for hours.  I found a good deal and ordered it.

That was kind of fast, really.  Shouldn't you have put more research/thought into it?

Karen Jo:  Maybe, but the one I found had everything I needed/wanted and it was on sale, but only through Sunday.  I only had an hour to make up my mind, so I went ahead.  Had I spent more time on research and thought, I would have ended up paying at least $200 more for a machine with the same/similar specs.  From what I checked upon about the prices of the parts I would need for an upgrade, buying a new computer was cheaper.

I hope you didn't spend my food money.

Karen Jo:  Don't worry about it.  My Social Security payments have started and my pension finally starts next month. We will be doing fine.

Not much else went on today.  I napped and ate and ignored my toys.  Mom did the laundry and used the computer.  I discovered that the printer makes interesting noises, but the paper coming out startled me.  I found a moth in the litter box room and played with it for a little while, but it was tiny and I lost sight of it soon after it took off flying.  I did bat at it a couple of times when it first took off, but I missed.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here I am on my big pillow, catching some rays.  Mom took this picture two weeks ago and is just now getting around to posting it.  She keeps promising to be a better blogger, then she lets me down again.  Sheesh!

Karen Jo:  I am really sorry, Herman.  I just keep getting caught up in other things that I do.

Like leaving me here all alone.  You did that four nights in a row this week.

Karen Jo:  While I was working, I was at work nights and weekends.  That left me with no social life.  I am making up for it now.  It does play havoc with my blogging time, though.

At least you are blogging now.  I did get my meatloaf all to myself, but I didn't eat much of it. When it was fresh out of the oven and cooled off enough to eat, I loved it and ate little bite after little bite.  What was left was leftovers and I don't like them nearly as much.  I ate very little of it after that and Mom ended up giving it to the ravens.  They ate it all up.  Since then I have had a little chicken and some roast beef, which I didn't like as much as usual, and some steak, which I like a lot.  I ate as much as I could, then licked the last bite so Mom couldn't have it back.

Mom has been trying to bribe me with catnip.  She wants me to play with her.  She has been putting my little furry balls in a plastic bag with catnip and leaving them there for about a week, then giving them to me.  I can't resist playing with them for a little while.  She even gave me a pinch of catnip on a piece of paper to make me more playful.  I ate some of the catnip, then took a nap.  I do play a little bit.  We played bat the mousie a few days ago and I am up for a little soccer a couple of times a week.  Mostly I just want to be fed and petted.

Karen Jo:  You have started using my leg for a scratching post while I am sitting in my rocking chair and reading.  I thought you wanted to be a lap cat and lifted you into my lap.  You didn't stay long.

That's because I didn't want to be a lap cat.  I wanted you to get up and feed me.

Karen Jo:  I thought of that, too, but it wasn't anywhere near time to eat.

It's time to eat now, so hurry up and post this, so you can feed me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chasing Sun Puddles

With the birdies not coming around and my toys being boring, there's not much else to do around here but chase sun puddles.  I had found a great one up on the big pillow on the table, but Mom wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch me in it.  When the puddle moved to the carpet, I followed it.

Karen Jo:  I don't know why you think your toys are all boring.  I try to play with you and you ignore me, mostly.  We did bat a ball around a little bit last night.

I have seen them all before and played with them all before.  I did play with the mousie hanging from the kitchen door a little bit last night.

Karen Jo:  I think you are just being lazy and would rather nap in a sun puddle than play.

Sun puddles are great in the winter.  They aren't around every day, so I have to take advantage of the ones I can find.  When are you going to cook something good again?

Karen Jo:  Soon.  I have all the ingredients for a meat loaf, but I don't feel like cooking it tonight.

Meat loaf is good, except that you put onions in it.

Karen Jo:  I will break you off some little pieces that don't have onion in them.

I think you ought to cook one for me with no onions.

Karen Jo:  That's an idea.  I could make you a little one before I put the onions in.

Now you're talking.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

I am just chillaxing on the carpet.  Not much has been going on around here.  Mom fell asleep watching TV last night, so that's why we didn't blog.  I keep getting up on my platform to watch the birdies, but they mostly don't show up.  That big snow we were supposed to have didn't come down.  We just got a light dusting.

Karen Jo:  It looked more like a heavy frost than a snowfall to me.  You are getting me up for breakfast before dawn again.

I get hungry.

Karen Jo:  Then why don't you eat the food that is in your dish already?

By just before dawn it's all dried up and yucky.  I want fresh.

Karen Jo:   I guess I can't blame you for that.  I think I got some about to form mats out with the Furminator yesterday.

I don't really like that.  It pulls.

Karen Jo:  It's better than getting mats.

I guess so.  You sure are stingy with the treats.  You opened a new bag of my catnip treats yesterday and so far I have only gotten two of them.

Karen Jo:  I alternate back and forth with the Temptations.  You only get one treat at a time now because you are supposed to lose weight.

Poop on that.  I want more.

Karen Jo:  Sorry, that's the way it is.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're Back!

 This is my Christmas loot.  The wooden ball is from Mom. The rest is from my woofy cousins.  I also got two packages of Temptations -- one from Mom and one from my cousins.  I like the wooden ball best.  It doesn't look like much, but it was well marinated in really good nip.  Actually, I like the Temptations best of all.
I am chilling out on the couch next to where Mom sits to read.  Mom is really sorry about us being gone for so long.  When she got back from her Christmas visit she started going out every night.  After New Year's all the excitement was over and she got a bad case of the sads. She is all better now and promises to be a much better blogger and visitor.

Karen Jo: Herman gave me quite a Christmas present.  I got back much later than I expected on Christmas Day and was too tired to blog.  I sat in my rocking chair to watch TV and Herman actually got on my lap for a few minutes. He hasn't done it again, but he does get up beside me on the couch when I read and puts his head on my leg.  I guess I don't expect him to ever become a lap kitty, but he is very affectionate.  When I go to bed he is there almost immediately and stays most of the night, just getting up to eat and use the litter box.

I like being next to you at night.  You give me such good chest scritches and belly rubs.  It's been kind of boring around here.  There aren't many birdies to watch and Mom hasn't been doing much.

Karen Jo:  I am getting better about doing stuff.  You are very particular about when you will play with me.  You haven't responded to me much at all.  There are fewer birdies around than there were last winter.  It is colder with more snow than last year, so maybe more of them went farther south this year.  I haven't found the bird feeder empty in a very long time.  I only fill it up now if it is more than half empty, which takes a couple of days.

I only play with you when I feel like it.  I play by myself sometimes.  Most of the time I would just rather be near you and get attention.  I am letting you brush me a lot more and I even let you snip out that mat on my leg that you have been trying to get to for weeks.

Karen Jo:  Yes, you were really stubborn about letting me get that mat off your leg.  I enjoy brushing you, especially when you start purring while I am doing it.  Hopefully, now you will let me brush you enough so you won't get any more mats.

Don't count on the mats staying away.  My fur mats easily and it's growing back now and getting nice and long.  It's a good thing, as we are having another snow storm tonight.

Karen Jo:  It's supposed to get pretty cold tonight and the snow is supposed to get about three inches deep on top of what we already have.

I am snuggling close tonight.