Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Spyro:  Mom couldn't find the green derby.  I wonder if any of us cats had anything to do with that?  She thought she had a picture of me wearing it, but couldn't find one.  Anyway, here is our founder, Herman, wearing it.  As you can tell from his expression, he wasn't thrilled to be wearing it.  Now I turn the blog over to Brody and Cissy to tell you their gotcha story.
Brody: Hi, I'm Brody and I'm a tuxie boy.
Cissy:  Hi, I'm Cissy and I'm a house panther girl.  I do have three white hairs on my chest, but the rest of me is all black.

Both:  We're here today to tell you our gotcha story.  We were abandoned, along with our calico sister by our feral mom when we were born or shortly thereafter.  Somehow we ended up with a very nice vet lady who bottle fed us and raised us, even though all three of us tested FeLV+.  She was sure that she could find a home for us.  When we were ready to be adopted a lady whose elderly cat had just left for the Rainbow Bridge saw our calico sister and took her home.  We lived at the vet hospital for eight months in a cage, though we occasionally got let out for some exercise and loving from the staff.  The nice vet lady contacted Herman's foster mom, who told her about Karen Jo and Karen Jo came and got us the very next day.  We feel really lucky.  Our original names were Brother and Sister, but Karen Jo, who is now Mom to us, changed them.

Brody:  I really like living here.  I am already making friends with the other cats, though Rocio and Oja hiss at me.

Cissy:  I am not at all sure about all the other cats.  I hiss and growl at all of them.  Oja and Rocio hiss back.  When I get tired of trying to deal with them, I retreat to the safe room and sometimes Brody joins me there and we nap together.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


 Karen Jo:  I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long.  Stuff just kept happening and now I'm having trouble with my camera.  Almost every picture I take is out of focus or over exposed.  I'm going to dig out the CD-rom with the manual on it and see what I can do.  Now I'll turn the blog back over to the kitties.

Brody: Hi there!  I'm Brody and I just moved in here with my sister, Cissy.
 Cissy:  Hi! I'm Cissy.  We are eight months old.  Mom looked it up and our birthday is just one day after Julius' so we are all the same age.  Mom hopes we are all going to be good buddies.
 Oja:  I can't freakin' believe it.  Friday morning Mom left with an empty PTU (a sight I hate to see) and came back with not one, but two little monsters.  When is she going to quit?
 Spyro:  When the house gets so full that we can't get along together.  I think the newcomers are cool.  I have nose touched and traded paw taps with Brody already.
 Rocio:  I don't like it.  I don't want any more cats here.
 Bambino:  You never like any new cats.  Remember when you used to hiss at me?  Now we are buddies.
 Horus:  I don't really care one way or the other.  Brody and I have exchanged paw taps, too and I'm fine with him.
Julius:  I' m kind of excited.  Now I'm not the smallest cat in the house any more.  Brody and I are the same size and Cissy is smaller.  I think it's cool that we are all three the same age.

Karen Jo:  I find myself pushed for time again.  I'll let Brody and Cissy tell you their gotcha story tomorrow.