Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brody Holds His Own

 Brody:  Why does Mom take my picture with my shaved spot showing? I'm just hanging in there, no better, no worse.  Mom keeps giving me my medicine and I try to get away from her sometimes, especially after the first shot when I see the second stabby thing come out.  I always get treats right afterward, so I don't go too far.  I have given up on trying to avoid the stuff squirted in my mouth.

Karen Jo:  Now comes the really hard part for me.  Brody has gotten back to being almost himself again.  Now, will the new medicine whip the FIP, or will Brody stay the way he is now until it attacks him again?
 Spyro:  I didn't get my picture taken today, so this is an older shot.  I'll leave the explanation for others.
This is what Mom calls Spyro's Spytower because I am the cat up here most often.  It's a great spot for looking outside and seeing everything that goes on in the living room.
 Oja:  I am on my throne again, watching over my domain.  I still play with the turbo track sometimes.  I have been chasing Cissy again.  Mom is about to give up coming to see what is happening when Cissy screams.  No cat is ever hurting her.
 Rocio:  I am watching the spectacle of Mom crawling around on the floor trying to get good photos.  That white bottle beside me is what Mom uses when Horus pees where he shouldn't.
 Bambino:  Mom was down on the floor, so I started to crawl into the ham-mick facing her. She got all set with the camera for me to stop moving, then I turned around and showed her my butt instead.  She had to wiggle around to get my profile.
Karen Jo:  Horus was a bad boy today.

Horus:  Mom was down on the floor taking pictures.  When it was my turn, she just turns to me and shoots.  When Brody's turn came she petted him and cooed to him and coaxed him to face her, giving him lots of attention.  I couldn't stand that, so I went over to the couch, turned around to face Brody and sprayed the couch. That'll teach her to give that little brat all the attention.

Karen Jo:  Brody needs more attention now because he is sick.  Even you have been nice to him.

Horus:  I still don't like it when he gets more attention than I do.

Karen Jo:  I had to stop the photo session and clean up the mess.  Then I couldn't remember if I had taken pictures of all the cats.  That's why Spyro and Cissy have older pictures today.
 Julius: Mom is getting better at reading my body language on how close she can get with the camera.  As soon as I turned my head to look at her she froze until I looked away again.  The birds are more interesting than she is.
 Cissy:  This is the visiting toddler's table with her crayon box behind me.  She hasn't been over in a long time, which suits me just fine.  I almost got Brody to play with me last night, but he gave me a really soft hiss and I went back to grooming him instead.
Tabitha:  I am getting to like the lady.  Breakfast time this morning I came out to greet her and let her pet me.   I even stayed out when she left and came back with the black box.  I'm all blurry because I am never still.  I like the lady's foot.  I got to play with Bambino twice today for a little while.  The lady lets him in, then goes away and lets us play.  She comes back in a little while and lets him out again.  I like Bambino.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halfway House of the FeLV+ Kitties

Brody: I am taking an easy day today.  I'm not quite as active as I have been.  Mom puts it down to getting all busy this morning and not giving me my meds till afternoon.  I'm not acting sick or anything.  I lay down by the safe room door for a while, curious about Tabitha.  Now Mom has some stuff to say about what kept her busy this morning.

Karen Jo:  This morning I told Felines & Friends that I had a full house and couldn't take any more kitties.  The director asked me very nicely if I would consider becoming a halfway house for FeLV+ kitties.  That means I would allow them to list the kitties as adoptable and see if they could adopt some out to people who knew what they were getting into, so I would have room for more.  I accepted, though I would be sad to see any of my dear little ones go away.  I accepted for a few reasons.  Horus would be much happier in a house with fewer kitties.  If the kitties are adopted I wouldn't have to see them die.  I want to save as many kitties as I can.  It is quite possible that none of them will be adopted and things will just go on as they are now.  After all, I got into this because no one else would adopt Herman.  If any of them are adopted out, one of the conditions will be that they are to be returned to me if the adopters find that they don't really want them.
Spyro:  I do love the top level of the tall kitty tower.  Mom said this picture gave her a cuteness overload.
Oja:  This throw has a story behind it.  I like to make biscuits with my claws out on Mom's thigh.  Mom started putting this throw in her lap to protect herself.  I wouldn't get on her lap if the throw was there, so Mom put the throw on the floor next to the computer desk.  Now I lie on it often.  Score for me!
 Rocio:  This is the smaller cat tree.  Beside it is the curtain rod and the sheer curtains that one of us kitties tore down.  Mom hasn't gotten around to doing anything with it yet.
 Bambino:  At least I was awake when the camera came out today.  I got into the safe room and wouldn't come out, not even when Mom got out the treats.  Mom left me in there for a little while and Tabitha came out and played with me.  Mom says I get to go visit Tabitha for a little while every day from now on. Score for me!
 Horus:  Up on the pillow again.  It's the best nap place in the whole house.
 Julius:  Still won't let Mom get close to me with the camera.  I will let her get right up close enough to touch me now, but not when she has the camera.
Cissy:  Mom looked all over the house for me when it was picture time.  She was starting to get worried when she spotted me in this old cube.  Mom, we need a new cube.

Tabitha:  I came out of the closet today and let the lady pet me.  Twice!  She picked me up and I ran away again once she put me in her lap.  I played with another kitty who came to visit.  I like other kitties.  Mom brought in a black box (camera) and pointed it at me and I ran and hid.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brody Improves

 Brody:  Thank all of you for all the purrs and everything.  They are helping.  I am resting up from my trip to the vet today.  My temperature is normal; my weight is up from 7.75 to 7.8; best of all, the fluid in my chest is going away.  I still have to take all my meds and the Amoxidrops are back.  Yuck!

Karen Jo:  Sorry, Brody, but the meds are helping you and the Amoxidrops are back because you are more vulnerable to bacterial infection now.
 Spyro:  It's a gray and rainy day.  Just right for a nap on top of the tower.  I love it up here.
 Oja:  Mom caught me nomming down on the dry food.  Orijen Six Fishes is delicious.
 Rocio:  Shall I scratch for treats, or just eat the dry food that is already out?  Treats are better, so I'll scratch.
 Bambino:  Again with the camera?  I'm with Spyro.  This is a great day for napping.
 Horus:  I just love this pillow.  I nap here lots.  I thought about spraying the dresser this morning, but changed my mind and used the litter box.  I'm a good boy, I am.
 Julius:  See all the dry cat food scattered all over the floor?  Some cat comes tearing down the hall at top speed and crashes right into the bowls.  I'm not saying any names, but she's black.

Cissy:  I wouldn't be tearing down the hall at top speed if some other kitty weren't chasing me.

Julius:  Don't look at me.  It must have been Rocio, Horus or Oja.  You made the mess, though.

Cissy:  Hmmpf!  This is my new hidey-nappy place.  I found this cushion just lying around and dragged it under the chair.  It's pretty safe here, especially when Mom is sitting in the chair.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cissy Replies

Brody:  I feel a little better every day.  I am sleeping with Mom again.  I am trying to hide a little bit from my meds, but Mom doesn't have to work too hard to get them in me.  I finished up the Amoxidrops last night.  Yay!  Today was big med day -- the 5 mls of Proxyphrenol and Interferon and my shots.  In the photo I am trying to decide if I want more Elegant Medleys . . .
Brody:  Or if I want to share with Julius.

Julius:  He decided to share.  Yay!  This is the closest I have ever let Mom get to me with the camera.  The noms were too yummy to leave.  You can see the swirly stripes on my side.
Cissy:  I want to defend myself against the charge of being a Drama Queen.  One, Brody won't play with me any more.  Thank goodness he has stopped hissing and growling at me, but he still won't play.  He will cuddle and groom me, though, so I am a bit less of a screamer. Two, it's not my fault I scream so much.  Horus, Rocio and Oja all chase me and make me scream.  I jump in my big box in the kitchen to get away from them and Horus gets on the other box and looks down at me and makes me scream.

Karen Jo:  You also scream when any of those three come anywhere near you, even if they aren't doing anything to scare you.

Cissy: I'm scared of them all the time because of all the chases and cornering and vulture cat incidents.  I want my Brody back the way he used to be.

Karen Jo: Brody's vets and I are trying our best to make that happen.  All the nice kitties in the Cat Blogosphere are purring for it, too.  Thank you all so very much.
Spyro:  I fooled Mom.  I was looking right at her when she pushed the button on the camera.  I am just being myself, friends with all the cats.  I am being nice to Cissy and she never screams at me.
Oja:  Mom usually wouldn't use a picture this blurry, but the light was just right to bring out the silver in my fur.  I accepted Cissy pretty quickly and only hissed at her a couple of times.  I thought things were ok between us, then she starts growling at me whenever she sees me.  I decided to give her something to growl about. Chasing her is fun; so is cornering her and hearing her scream.  I always have my tail curled up when I do either.  If I were serious, my tail would be straight.
Rocio: I only chase Cissy once in a while.  It's so easy to get a scream out of her that it's hard to resist.  Julius has been hanging around Brody more, so I have to find something to do.
Bambino: Sheesh, can't a guy get in a nap without the camera coming out? I play with Spyro, Horus, Rocio and Julius.  I leave Brody, Cissy and Oja alone.
Horus:  I am watching a bird right outside the window.  Can you see it?  It's just above the hole in the platform.  Click on the photo to biggify. I have stopped spraying.  Mom gives me lots of petting and takes me outside.  I have lost interest in the new kitten.  She's so quiet we don't even know she's there.
Tabitha:  I'm here.  If you look really closely you can just see a smudge of white above the white cloth.  That's my chin.  Today is the first day that I have let the lady see me. Oh, she peeked in on me the second day I was here and she saw a flash of me the day I got caught up on the window sill, but this is the first time that it has been my idea.  I never told you what I look like.  I'm a calico tabby and I weigh 2 pounds.

Karen Jo:  If you would come out of the closet and let me take a picture of you, everyone could see what you look like.

Tabitha: I'm never coming out of this closet except to eat and use the litter box and do some exploring in the night.  Something is doing terrible things to kitties out there.  I can hear it.

Karen Jo:  That's just Cissy.  She screams a lot.  Hopefully you will get used to it and come out some day.

Tabitha:  Don't bet on it. Oh, I am three months old today.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mostly Horus

 Karen Jo:  Sorry I didn't blog yesterday.  That was the day that what is going on with Brody hit me emotionally.

Brody:  This is MY story.  I am doing better today.  I gained weight from 7.6 lbs last Thursday to 7.25 lbs today.  My temperature is going down from 103.5 Tuesday to 103 today.  I should have a temperature between 100 and 102. There is less fluid in my chest.  Look at me -- I am up and around, guarding my box of Elegant Medleys.  I am eating them nearly all up every day.  I usually leave just a little for Bambino or Julius, whichever gets there soonest after I am done.  I still sleep a lot, even for a cat, but I am also taking more interest in what is going on around me.  Man, did I have a lot of meds today.

Karen Jo:  Yes, you had 5 mls of your FIP medicine, 1 ml of your amoxydrops and your two shots and the vet gave you a vitamin shot.  You just have to have your amoxydrops and shots tomorrow and Saturday.

Brody: Whew!  I'm not saying that I like shots, but I'm not fighting Mom about them.

Itty Bitty No Name Kitty:  I'm tired of not having a name.  When are you going to name me?

Karen Jo:  I usually interact with a kitty for a while before naming her.  You won't even let me see you unless I catch you out of your closet and even then you are gone in a flash.  I have been trying out names in my mind, though, and I think we'll try Tabitha.  If it doesn't suit you after I get to know you better, we can change it.

Tabitha: I think I like it.
 Horus: Mom said I could have most of the blog to tell you about the problems I have been giving Mom lately.  I had been cornering Brody and Cissy and making them hiss and snarl.  Mom would come break it up.  I will say that since Brody has been sick, I have been really nice to him, even licking his head.  I started chasing Cissy and really making her scream.  Mom didn't like that at all, but things are getting better. I also sprayed her dresser a couple of times and sprayed the hall this morning.

Karen Jo:  I talked to the vet about your behavior after I took you in to make sure that you didn't start spraying because you had an infection or something.  You checked out in perfect health, so that meant that you were full of catitude.  She suggested that I pay more attention to you and spend some one on one time with you.  I pet you more now and take you out in your harness almost every day.

Horus:  I like that a lot.  The vet lady told you that I was unhappy because there were so many cats in the house, taking your attention.  So what did you do? You went and got another one. That's why I sprayed the hall right across from the door to her safe room.

Karen Jo:  I had promised to find a home for that kitten before your problems got so severe.  The prospects I had didn't pan out, either of them, so I took the kitten in.  She's really shy.  Once she comes out of the safe room, she'll probably be a lot like Julius and you like Julius.

Horus:  Julius is cool.  He won't let you near him. You do realize that Cissy is exaggerating, don't you?

Karen Jo:  Yes.  I have figured out at last that she is a little drama queen.  You just walk past her and she screams.  Oja walks past her and she screams.  Rocio walks past her and she screams.

Horus:  That's cool them.  I think you have noticed that I have started pretend spraying instead of the real thing.  That means I'm only a little ticked off.

Karen Jo:  I have noticed and I appreciate it.  Things are getting better.
 Spyro:  That's my harness, special ordered for me, that Mom is taking Horus out in.  It's not fair.

Karen Jo: I put your harness on you and what do you do?  You crawl around doing a worm impression.  If I take you outside, you want right back in.  Once you get used to the harness, I'll take you out, too.
 Oja:  I am the boss of this house and this is my throne, so there.  I  have started taking Herman's old place beside Mom in the mornings and I get lots and lots of petting.  Right now I am sitting on the computer desk and getting petted between paragraphs.  I rule!
 Rocio:  Oja sure gets some strange ideas.  Look what I did to this scratcher with my mighty paw!

Karen Jo:  You had lots of help.  Spyro, Bambino, Brody and Cissy all use that scratcher quite a bit.

Rocio:  Hmmpf!  I still did a lot of it.  You need to get a new one.
 Julius:  We need to get a new photographer.  The best shot she got of me all day is me giving Spyro a nose kiss.

Karen Jo:  You run away when I try to get close enough for a good picture.  The other shots I took were blurry because you were playing so hard with a canvas bag.
 Cissy:  Be very, very quiet.  I am hunting a fly that's on that towel.
Bambino: I am watching Cissy hunt.  She reached down and the fly flew up.

Cissy:  I took a mighty swipe at the fly, but missed.

Karen Jo:  Don't worry, you will get another chance or ten.  It's fly season and they are coming in.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guess What Mom Did

 Brody:  I know what Mom did.  She took me to the vet again.  I was weighed and had that cold thing shoved up my bum and I got shots.  You know what that evil vet lady did?  She taught Mom how to give me shots!  Yuck!

Karen Jo:  If I give you two shots a day you don't have to take your Pred anymore.

Brody: Hmmm.  I guess two little shots are better than that awful Pred being shoved down my throat and making me cough.  I don't know why I have to go through all this stuff.  I fell a little bit better every day.  This morning I almost played with Cissy.  She was playing with my tail and I kept twitching it for her.  Then she pounced me big time.  I rolled over on my back and grabbed her with my forepaws and bunny kicked her before I gave her the airplane ears and hissed and growled at her to make her leave me alone.  I swatted a toy as I went by.  I am almost ready to play again.

Karen Jo:  I'm glad to hear it.  Brody is sicker than he thinks he is.  He is a little perkier every day, but he has FIP.  There is a new medicine for FIP, Polyprenyl Immuno, and he is getting it every three days.  He is also getting his Amoxydrops until he finished the course.  The fluids are building up in his chest again, so he is getting injectable Furosemide and injectable Dex for that.  He goes back to the vet on Thursday to see how he is doing.  The vet told me that she knew a cat who lasted six months on this series of meds.
 Spyro:  I know what else Mom did, but I'm not telling.
Oja:  I know, too, and I do not approve.
 Rocio:  I know and I think it might be interesting.
 Bambino:  I know and I am really curious about it.
 Horus:  I know and I grabbed some time in the safe room while I could.
 Julius:  I know and I think it's great.
Cissy:  I know and I grabbed some time in the safe time while I could, too.  Have you guessed yet?  Mom brought home a new kitten Monday evening.  I want in the safe room to check her out so badly that I run in almost every time Mom opens the door.  So does Bambino.

Karen Jo:  I had promised to find a home for this kitten last month because I had a prospect.  She didn't meet our standards, so I took the kitten myself.  I think I better make this one the last one I take in.  The house is full.

Itty Bitty No Name Kitty:  The lady who brought me here is trying our names for me: Alison, Tabitha or Nanette.  What do you think? I have a very short story because I am only two months old.  I was caught in the Santa Fe TNR program last month and fixed.  Because I was so young, I was considered adoptable until I tested positive for FeLV.

Karen Jo:  The shelter contacted Felines & Friends Santa Fe and they contacted me.  Now she is in the safe room, mostly hiding in the closet.  She does come out in the night to eat and when I went in to feed her tonight she was up in the window looking outside.  She leaped down and ran back to the closet when I opened the door, but at least she is exploring.