Monday, December 24, 2012

Meowy Catmas!

Spyro:  Meowy Catmas everyone!  This is what happened when Mom tried to put the Santa hat on me.  I got it off before she could snap the picture, even though she had the camera all ready.  I am fast!  I put the claws and bitey to it good.

Oja:  I saw what was going on and I ran and hid when Mom came after me with that hat.

Karen Jo:  Well, I tried.  Snowflake the stuffie is the only kitty around here who will actually wear the Santa hat.
Oja:  Spyro likes to pull the feathers off toys and I like to play with them afterwards.  For some reason Mom finds this very funny.

Karen Jo:  You look like you have a Santa moustache.

Karen Jo, Spyro and Oja:  We all hope that you all have a wonderful Catmas and stay safe and warm.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

 Spyro:  We've been having lots of sunshine and we have been making the most of it.  We get great sun puddles in the living room and we love all of them.  Mom has been very lazy lately.

Karen Jo:  I haven't been lazy.  I've been Christmas shopping.

Spyro:  You've been lying on the couch with Oja and reading.

Karen Jo:  Yes, I have, quite a bit.  Shopping makes me a bit tired.  Haven't you noticed how much I've been going out?

Spyro and Oja:  Yes, we have and we don't like it.  We also don't like the scarcity of food around here.

Karen Jo:  I took you both to the vet Saturday a week ago because Oja had gotten awfully round and Spyro missed two jumps in the same week.  I was worried.  It turned out that you had both gained weight, especially Oja, and the vet told me to put on on a diet.  Now you don't get lunch any more and I cut down on your dry food.
Oja:  (singing)  Sunshine on my belleh makes me happy!

Karen Jo:  I am glad.

Oja:  So my tummy is round.  You don't have to starve me.  There are only two food bowls on the floor now: my Stinky Goodness and my crunchies.

Karen Jo:  I feed Spyro on the counter now.  I saw you push him away from the food the other day.

Spyro:  I'm happy about that.  Oja was eating more than her fair share.  I'm still hungry, though.

Karen Jo:  I'm sorry about that.  You are going back to the vet in February and maybe then I'll be able to give you some more food, Spyro.  You aren't really overweight, but Oja is.  I give you treats whenever you ask for them and you have been helping yourself to treats a bit, too.

Spyro:  If I'm starving and you leave treat bags lying around in the open, what am I supposed to do, ignore them?

Karen Jo:  I don't really mind.  You were missing jumps because of the weight you had gained, though.

Spyro:  I haven't missed a single one since that vet visit.  I want more food!

Karen Jo:  Well, now that I am feeding you on the counter, maybe I can go back to giving you the old amount of crunchies, since Oja can't get at them.

Oja:  I'm being discriminated against just because I have short legs.

Karen Jo:  And a very round tummy.