Friday, May 31, 2013

Mousebreath Interview

Spyro:  We are all very excited because our interview with the Funny Farm Cats is up on Mousebreath today.  How cool is that?

Oja:  And you did most of the talking.

Spyro:  I have been here the longest, so that makes me spokescat.

Rocio:  I hope that most readers believe that I was named after a fish, because the other part is downright embarrassing.


Rocio:  What are you laughing at, opera singer?

Oja: Raspberries to you.

Bambino:  I like my part.  I shoved Spyro's kibble bowl off the counter just last night.

Jose:  Too bad my excellent jumping abilities didn't surface until after the interview.  I was the first cat to get up on the curtain valence in the living room, which is the highest place in the whole house.

Bambino:  I got up there, too.

Jose:  But I was first.  You didn't jump up there until you saw me do it.

Karen Jo:  I expect that Spyro will jump up there soon, too, but Jose gets the claim of being the first to be the highest.  Rocio and Oja are getting along better.  He did make her yowl yesterday in the computer room, so I plugged the Feliway in there.  He was starting it up again this morning, but left in a hurry when I dropped to all fours behind him.  A whole lot of you want to see a video of me being MomCat, but I don't know how I could arrange it.  There is no one else here to take the video.  Maybe I could find something I could rest the camera on, then perform for the camera.  We'll see.

Friday, May 24, 2013

TCC News

 Rocio:  See this ratty-looking scratching post?  If I scratch on it, I get a treat.  I am trying to decide if it is worth the trouble.  Bambino, Jose and I are all exceited.  Mom finally put in our applications to join the Tabby Cat Club and Gracie said we could consider ourselves unofficial members until her computer comes home from the computer hospital.  Yay!
 Bambino:  I am trying to decide if I want to give Jose a whap for trying to take my sparkle ball that was dipped in nip.  See my raised paw?  I am the only full tabby cat here.  The rest of you are tuxie-tabbies or Russian Blue tabby.
 Jose:  Mom has been trying and trying to get a picture of me full face with my eyes open, so you can see what she calls my Egyptian eyes.  This is as close as she has come so far.  My eyes are a light green and with  my brown eye-liner I look quite exotic.
 Oja:  Ha!  I have you all beat.  Everyone should go right over to the Tabby Cat Club and look at the wallpaper.  That's me!  Right there!
Spyro:  All this excitement!  I was the first to join and tuxie-tabbies are just as tabby as full tabbies.  No that is not a smudge of Stinky Goodness under my nose.  That is just part of my markings.  I am getting screen door whiffies and trying to figure out how I can get outside without my harness.  Mom is getting too fast for me and I hardly escape at all any more.

Karen Jo:  Thank you all for the good advice on calming things down between Rocio and Oja.  I have been basically letting them work it out, until Oja yowls.  I don't want a full-fledged fight.  Until the Feliway arrives, which will probably be a waste, because it is finally open window season here and the sockets where I could plug it in are right under the windows, I have tried Brian's suggestion of acting the MomCat.  Rocio got Oja cornered in the litter box room last night, so I got behind him down on all fours and hissed at him and chased him into the bathtub.  This morning, he tried it in the computer room and got I down beside Oja, facing Rocio and hissed at him again.  He ran away and hasn't been a pest to Oja since.  I don't think this means that the problem is solved, but it is working.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oja Takes Over

 Oja:  Mom is finally letting me have the blog to myself for a change and she's finally letting some cat blog here.  She's been doing all sorts of stuff, just not blogging.  A lot has been said lately about how I am built like on opera singer.  I am only one pound overweight, so there.
 Remarks have been made about my short legs and how I am not as good a jumper as the other cats.  See how high I can get?  I am up on Spyro's spy tower.
I don't like boy cats much, but I am not afraid of them.  See what I can do to Spyro?  I only rassle with my friends, though, and that is why is hiss, growl and yowl at Rocio when he tries to start something.  I run away from him at times, because if I got into it with him, it would be a real fight.  He is such a brat.

Karen Jo:  He has been a real brat to you lately, Oja.  I break it up and put him in time out for a while, but he keeps trying to mix it up with you.  I ordered a Feliway plug-in and I hope that will help things.  I just hope I can find the right place to plug it in.  Rocio mostly goes after Oja in the kitchen and in the computer room and they are at opposite ends of the house.  Maybe I should get two of them?  Any suggestions?