Friday, March 2, 2018

Disturbing the Peace

Karen Jo:  First a word of explanation and apology.  I can blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays IF I haul myself out of bed early enough.  I have been sleeping too late lately, but hopefully I have a handle on it again and will be blogging more regularly.  Now on to the cats.
Karen Jo: Things got nice and quiet for a while after Bambino got adopted.  Then some cats started disturbing the peace.  Yes, I'm looking at you, Gandalf.

Gandalf: Me?  I'm just up here nice and quiet.  I was looking out the window at the snow when you disturbed me.

Karen Jo:  Yes, you.  You decided that scaring Cricket was a fun thing to do, making her scream for help.

Gandalf:  It is fun.  She scares so easily.  I can scare the crap out of her with a short chase.

Karen Jo: And then I have to clean it up.  I want you to stop it.

Clancy:  Hahaha!  Gandalf got in trouble for being a bully!

Karen Jo:  Don't look so smug.  You're in trouble, too.  You like to scare Rocio.

Clancy:  Rocio is a wuss.  I can even chase him into the broom closet and make him scream.

Karen Jo:  Rocio is not a wuss.  Are you forgetting that he beat up Gandalf?  The only reason that he doesn't fight with you is that he has accepted you as the Top Cat.  Keep pushing him and you might get a surprise one day.

Cricket:  And in other news, my eye is completely healed.  I love to curl up in Mom's lap and take a nap.  She keeps me safe from Gandalf.  Though, to be fair, he hasn't been chasing and scaring me as much this week.  I hope that he does stop it altogether.

Chevelle: I have been growing.  I'm bigger than Cricket now.

Cricket:  No, you're not!

Chevelle:  Yes, I am!  Mom says so.

Karen Jo:  Yes, Cricket.  Chevelle is now just a tiny bit taller than you are.

Chevelle:  I made a new buddy.  Mom was surprised.

Tabitha:  I'm the new buddy.  Mom was surprised because I have never had a special cat friend before.  It started out when Chevelle started playing with my tail.  I would let her do it for a while, then walk away.  Then one day she pounced me and I didn't hiss at her, like I used to.  I actually started kitty wrestling with her.  I outweigh her by a ton, so I'm careful not to get on top of her.

Chevelle:  We play pawsies side by side and grab each other and I even kick her, but she doesn't mind.  It's fun.  Cricket doesn't want to play with me and Maddie died and Gandalf and Clancy just want to play chase, so I started playing with Tabitha.  It's fun.