Friday, July 18, 2014

Party On!

Bambino:  Yay!  I get to be spokescat this time.  Mom decided that since she was so late getting the word out about our big Birthday-Gotcha Day party yesterday (see previous post), we could party all day and evening today, too.  As before Horus and Spyro are hosting an outside party with hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks on the grill with grass rolling and gopher sniffing.  Oja is hosting a dignified catmint tea party in the safe room with waltz music and no rowdy boys, only gentlemen cats and lady cats allowed.  The used-to-be kittens are having a Rock'n'Roll party all through the rest of the house with THoE and King of the Mountain on the new cat tree.  There is plenty of food and drink, with water and almond milk for any kittens who want to come play.  Come on over and let's party!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Brody and Cissy!

 Brody: Man, it sure is hard to get out Mom to blog.  She was supposed to do this this morning.  It's our first birthday today and do you know what Mom gave us?
 Cissy: A trip to the vet!

Karen Jo: It wasn't that bad.  You just got looked over, weighed and had your temperature taken.

Brody: That's the bad part.
 Karen Jo: I also got you this.

Brody and Cissy:  We love that.  Now for our party.  We birthday kits--Julius, Brody and Cissy have taken over the living room for our Rock'n'Roll party.  We have the stereo turned up and Mom filled the dining room table with goodies for us.  There's a turkey on one end and a ham on the other end and in the middle is a whole grilled salmon.  We are serving meowgaritas now that we are old enough to drink them.  We also have meow-tais and nip Russians.  We can play endless games of THoE up and down the hall and play King of the Mountain on our new tower.  There are gazillions of toys lying around and Mom has promised to work Da Bird until her arms give out.
 Spyro: Horus and I have taken over the gas grill for our outside party.  We are cooking up hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks and salmon filets.  We have a picnic cooler full of niptinis and we filled up a big metal tub with ice and nip beer.  There is grass to run around in and it's pretty long on the side of the house.  The gophers have come out since the rainy season has started, so there are lots of mounds to sniff.
 Horus:  We can poop and pee out here, too.  In fact, Mom said it would be great if we pooped in the gopher holes.  Maybe we'll have a contest to see who can drop the biggest, stinkiest load in a gopher hole.  We can play in the front yard, too, but Mom says to stay out of the street or be sent home.  I should also tell you that there is a friendly min-pin who lives next door.  He will come right up to you and sniff.  Feel free to eat as much grass as you like.
 Oja: I am having my quiet, dignified party in the safe room.  I am serving cat mint tea and sushi and tuna and salmon tea sandwiches.  There are no rowdy boys allowed and I mean it! Gentleman cats may come in and join my party.  I am playing waltzes and there is a little room to dance.
 Rocio:  I will be moving back and forth between the outside mancat party and the birthday kits party.  I am staying far away from Oja's party.  She would hiss if I stuck my nose inside the safe room.
 Bambino:  I will also be moving back and forth between the outside and inside parties.  I may even visit Oja because now that I am two, I can act dignified when I want to, which is seldom, but her noms sound good.
Julius:  I will be at the Birthday Kits party.  I wanna start up a game of THoE right now.  Come one, come all and lets party!

Update from Julius: Mom says that since she was so late getting the notice up yesterday that we can party all day today (Friday), too.  There is plenty of food and drink and we are rested up and ready to go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Julius!

 Julius: Today is my birthday and Mom almost missed it.  She's been saying that she would blog all day, but she is just now doing it.  I am one year old today.  I got a present.  It's an orange fish that makes noise and has catnip inside.  I love it.  We are having a really big party starting with a sleep-over tonight and going on all day and evening tomorrow.  Mom has a lot of catching up to do.

Karen Jo:  While I wasn't blogging, I missed special days for all my kitties, so we are having one huge party to make up for it.
 My Gotcha Day was March 20 and my Birthday was June 4. I am two now. I want a party with lots of THoE and rasslin' and toys.
 Oja: My Birthday was March 31.  I am four now.  My Gotcha Day was June 2.  I want a dignified party without any rowdy boys around.
 Horus: My Birthday was April 3.  I am also four now.  My Gotcha Day was April 28.  I want an outside party with lots of running though the grass.
 Bambino: My Gotcha Day was April 7 and my Birthday was July 6.  I am two now. I want a party with lots of playing and THoE and rasslin' and toys and food and treats.
Spyro: My Gotcha Day was April 24.  I want an outside party with lots of niptinis and food and chewing on grass and sniffing gopher holes.

Karen Jo:  I will see what I can do.  I will also show off the big gift that I got for all of you.  It will be one big blow-out of a party, I promise you that.