Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Air Sunday

 I'm whiffing the fresh air.  My head is a bit blurry because I kept moving it all around to get in all the new smells coming in the open window.  It was warm enough for open windows as soon as Mom got up this morning and we got to keep them open until Mom went to work.
Emma:  I am watching a birdie take a bath.

Karen Jo:  Sorry it's such a long shot.  This is my third attempt to take this picture today. Every time Emma saw me coming toward her, she jumped down.  I would back away from her and she would jump back up.  I finally ended up taking the picture from across the room. She was absolutely fascinated by a bird having a really good time in the bird bath, which I had just filled.  I opened windows in the kitchen, living room and my bedroom, which gives a nice breeze through the house.  I closed them when I went to work because the weather had been so cold lately, I was afraid it would get too cold by the time I got home.  After I got to work, I realized that I hadn't turned the heat back up, but I needn't have worried.  The house was 80 degrees inside when I got home.  We have an open window in my bedroom and the back door open, with the screen door securely latched.  I will leave them open until it gets too cold.  It's down to 60 outside, so I will have to close up before I go to bed.

We were good kitties today, with no spats, though Emma almost pounced me tonight.

Emma:  I was up on the couch and ran to my favorite chair when I saw Herman relaxing near it.  I came within and inch of pouncing right on his head, but thought better of it at the last minute and put on the brakes.

Karen Jo:  I could tell that if Emma had pounced that it was going to be a play pounce.  Herman barely reacted.

I was too hot to react much.  80 degrees is way to hot for me to feel up to doing much at all.  Emma was still running around, but her coat isn't nearly as thick as mine.  I was really glad when Mom got home and left the back door open and opened her window to get a little breeze going.  I will be really glad when we get to have open windows while Mom is at work, so it doesn't get so hot in here.

Karen Jo:  That should be soon, if the weather stays warm.  I just worry that if I leave the windows open and the temperature really drops, you will be two very cold kitties when I get home.

I haven't gotten cold since my fur grew back in after I had my chest shaved last year.  Emma might feel it, though.

Emma:  I could always snuggle up to you to keep warm.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do that, though, if Mom weren't around.  It seems we can only snuggle up next to each other when we are also snuggled up next to Mom.

Karen Jo:  Give it time.  I think the two of you are eventually going to be very affectionate toward each other.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 The sight of Mom crawling around on the floor trying to get good pictures of us never fails to amuse me.
Emma:  This catnip banana really amuses me and that seems to amuse Mom.  She was laughing, anyway.

Karen Jo:  I love the contortions you get into when you are really enjoying playing with something.

Emma:  I didn't find Herman very amusing on Thursday. After you wrote about how well we were getting along, he was really mean to me.  He backed me up against the bathtub and whapped me.

Karen Jo:  I don't know what got into him.  I heard you making the angry cat sound and came to see what was the matter.  I had to tell Herman to back off a couple of times before he actually did it.  Then you ran like crazy to get away from him.  When I went to comfort you, I found a big tuft of loose fur on your side.

Herman:  I was just reminding her who is the boss kitty around here.

Karen Jo:  I think you can do that without scaring her half to death.  I just don't get it.  Today when you wanted to share the Medley while she was eating it, she just half-raised a paw to you and you backed off.

Herman:  I knew that she wouldn't eat all of it, so I just ate some Stinky Goodness until she finished what she wanted and I got to eat the rest of it.

Karen Jo:  The two of you have been cuddling up together with me in bed like usual, so whatever ticked off Herman so much is all over and forgotten, apparently. At least the weather is finally warming up and we are getting more open windows around here.

Emma:  I love the open windows and the birds.  I get up on the very top of the easy chair and watch them while sniffing the fresh air.

Karen Jo:  I tried to get a picture of that, but you reacted to the camera whirr and jumped down.  I will have to remember to turn the camera on before I come into the room when I want to catch you doing something.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Togetherness Thursday

Here's a sight you don't see every day. In fact, Mom had never seen it before.  Mom had been reading in the easy chair next to this couch.  Emma crawled all over her for a while, then went to the couch.  I joined her there.  We even stayed put while Mom went and got the camera.

Emma:  It's a good thing she got the camera when she did.  I jumped off the couch right after the picture was taken and Herman followed in a couple of minutes.

Karen Jo: This is the first time that I have ever seen the two of you so close together, just chillaxing.  You usually only get this close when you are both in bed with me.

Emma:  Bedtime is the best time.  I even groomed Herman's head a few nights ago.

Karen Jo:  That surprised me, too.  I think the two of you are beginning to really like each other.  Herman was fascinated with Emma from the very beginning, but Emma was scared of Herman at first.  Then she began to tolerate him.  Both of them have displayed jealousy of the other. Now the ambushes and whaps are much more playful.

The Purina One is all gone.  I am going to miss it.

Karen Jo:  You missed it so much that you even started munching on the Green Pea and Duck again.

Emma:  I tried the Green Pea and Duck, too.  I would still rather have the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon.

Karen Jo:  I know that you would, but give the grain free food a chance.  It is much better for you.

We don't care about that.  We want food that tastes good.

Karen Jo:  Well, I know that neither of you is starving.  You aren't even finishing up all of your Stinky Goodness all the time.

Sometimes we forget about the bowl in Emma's room.

Emma:  I'm very glad that you still put food in it, though. Sometimes Herman hogs the food in the kitchen.

You try to hog the food sometimes, too.

Emma:  Yeah, but you're bigger, so it's harder for me.

Karen Jo:  OK, that's enough of that.  Mostly, these days, each of you chooses a bowl, either the Medley or Stinky Goodness and eat side by side.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday with Emma

Emma:  I get the blog to myself today because Mom has been really bad about posting on Femme Friday.  For some reason, Mom finds this photo really amusing.  I don't know why.  I just found myself a comfy nap spot.  Herman and I are getting along really well now.  We haven't had any kind of spat in a couple of weeks now.  We even sleep touching each other in bed with Mom.  That's so we can each get a hand to pet us before Mom goes to sleep.  After Mom gets really sleepy and stops petting us, we just stay where we are and we sleep, too.  I have been chasing Herman down the hall a little bit more.  It's fun.  I like to lie in my favorite chair and wait for him to go by.  Then I swat at him and he swats back. We only manage to swat each others' paws, but that's what makes it fun.  Herman didn't want to play tonight at all, but I did.  I played with Da Bird until Herman came into the living room to see what Mom and I were doing.  Then Mom tried to get him to play with Da Bird, but he just ignored it.  Then Mom tried to get him to play with his wand mousie, but he ignored that, too.  I didn't ignore it.  I pounced it right in front of him, but he didn't mind.  He just wanted some petting from Mom.  I played with Da Bird for a little while longer after that, then got tired of the game.

Karen Jo:  I am really beginning to think that extended play is just something that FeLV kitties don't do.  Herman only plays for two or three minutes at a time and Emma stops after five or six minutes.  Changing toys doesn't make any difference.

Emma:  I wish Mom would go back to the old food.  My favorites are both gone.  I loved the Purina Kitten Chow and the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon.  Now all the dry food I eat is the Purina One.  Thank goodness for Stinky Goodness and Medley.

Karen Jo:  Why won't you try the Now weight control food?

Emma:  I ate all the Filet Mignon off the top of it, but I am just not interested in it.  I nibble at the Now kitten food a little.

Karen Jo:  I will keep an eye on your weight.  If you start to lose, I will consider getting you some Filet Mignon and put it up on the window sill for you, where Herman won't get at it.

Emma:  I am trying out being a lap kitty again.  I was well on my way to turning into a lap kitty when Mom started putting me in her lap to put those icky drops in my ears.  That put me off her lap for quite a while.  A few days ago, she was sitting in her rocking chair and I jumped up in her lap and stayed that as long as she let me, which wasn't very long.

Karen Jo:  I am sorry, but I had to go to the litter box room.  I put it off as long as I could, but I was ready to get up to go when you jumped in my lap.

Emma: Humans, hmmpf!  Always disturbing us kitties just when we get really comfortable.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


 I am napping on the floor.  We didn't get any sunspots today or open windows.  We are both a bit bummed out by it.  I tried out the new diet dry food.  It wasn't too bad.  I ate quite a bit of it.
Emma:  I usually nap on the big pillow, but today I just napped on this soft throw that Mom put on the table for us.  Herman says it was here when he moved in.  I haven't tried the new food yet.  Oh, I sampled the kitten food, but I don't like it as much as I liked the old kitten food.  I am just eating the Purina One dry, along with the Stinky Goodness and Medley.  Every time I hear Mom putting new dry food in a bowl, I come running, sniff the new stuff, then look at Mom reprovingly.

Karen Jo:  It almost feels like winter again.  It actually snowed yesterday.  It was too warm (in the 40s) for it to stick, but it came down.  Herman seems to like the grain free food OK, but Emma doesn't even want to taste the weight control food.  I don't know what she is going to do when the Purina One runs out.

Emma:  I like to scratch both vertically and horizontally.  I mostly like to scratch on the couch in the living room, but I also scratch on the easy chair in the living room and the couch in my room.  Herman's platform has material on it almost like the material on the couch, but I won't scratch on it.  Mom keeps trying to get me to scratch where she wants me to, but I won't do it.  My new scratcher has the same material on it around the edges and the base, but I won't scratch on it, either.

Karen Jo:  I will keep on trying.  Luckily, you have small claws and they don't seem to be doing much damage.  All the furniture is quite old, so I don't really care all that much.

I actually played with Da Bird for a little bit tonight.  I still don't see what makes Emma so crazy about it, but it is kind of fun to bat around.

Emma:  I played with it for a long time tonight.  It's my very favorite toy.  I think Mom may have to get a new bird for it soon.  I have pulled out all but two of the feathers and those two are looking pretty scraggly.

Karen Jo:  I will get a new bird for Da Bird the next time I am at the pet supply store, or when the feathers finally give out.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on play time with your favorite toy.  You kitties have been coming to bed kind of late the last few nights.

You have been going to bed earlier.  I came in at my usual time and you were already asleep, so I missed out on my petting time.

Karen Jo:  Sorry about that.  I had a lot of work to do yesterday and I got so tired that I needed to go to bed.

Emma:  You made me miss out of Femme Friday.  Pout.

Karen Jo:  If it's all right with Herman, I can let you have Sunday.

I don't mind.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Food

 I have reclaimed my platform.  Emma was up here in this exact spot just a minute ago.  Mom went to get the camera and by the time she got back, I was up here and Emma was in her favorite chair. We finally got about an hour of open windows yesterday.  That's why we both wanted up here.
Emma:  Herman chased me off the platform, so I came back to my chair.  It is in the cross breeze from the living room window to the kitchen window.  I am still scratching on the furniture and Herman interrupted my scratching for a treat lesson.  Mom saw me scratching on the couch again and picked me up and put me on the base of the scratching post and moved my paws in a scratching motion and offered me a treat.  Herman butted in, trying to get the treat.  We whapped at each other and I got him on the paw, but then I jumped back up on the couch and did my scratching there.

Karen Jo:  I put the treat back in the bag.  I certainly wasn't going to give it to Herman and I couldn't give it to Emma after she scratched the couch again without giving her the wrong idea.

Mom went through with her threat to get us new healthy food.  We had almost finished the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon, so Mom put the new stuff in that bowl and put the rest of the Fancy Feast on top of it.  We have eaten up almost every morsel of the Fancy Feast and now just the new stuff is left in the bowl.  We haven't tried it yet. Now we are eating the Purina One.

Karen Jo:  Go ahead and enjoy your Purina One while you can.  When it runs out, you will have only grain free dry food.  You are eating some of the grain free kitten food, so I know that it can't taste all that bad to you. The new food has turkey, salmon and duck in it.

I guess we will try it eventually, but you not only got grain free food, you got the weight control version. Diet food, yuck!

Karen Jo:  You don't know that it's yuck; you haven't even tried it yet.  You might even like it.

I just hope that you aren't planning on messing with our Stinky Goodness or Medley.

Karen Jo:  Not for a long time yet.  I will give the grain free a couple of months at least to see if that change is enough to get the extra weight off you.  If you would play more, it might go faster.

I play enough.  I chase Emma and Emma chases me.  I just don't see the fun in jumping around after Da Bird like Emma does.

Emma: Da Bird is the most fun.  When Mom gets home, I can hardly wait for play time.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mancat Monday

Do you like our new header?  Sammy and Andy and Shelly's Mom made it for us.  Thank you so much.

This is my new favorite early afternoon nap spot.  My hammick in the sunspot is too hot now, especially since we don't get any fresh air.

Karen Jo:  I want to open the windows, Herman.  I do open them for at least a while whenever the temperature gets up to 60.  They stayed closed today because it stayed in the 50s and that's just too cold for open windows.

You put the last of the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon in out dish today.  So when does the new stuff appear?

Karen Jo:  I will find your new food on Tuesday.

That's days away.  What if we run out?

Karen Jo:  You have plenty of other food.  You have your new kitten kibble, your Purina One and your Green Pea and Duck along with your Stinky Goodness and Medley.

But I have always had four choices of dry food.

Karen Jo:  Not always.  You only had three until I got the Green Pea and Duck for you.  If you must have four choices, there is some of the I/D kibble left.

Thanks, but no thanks.  I wouldn't eat that stuff before, remember?

Karen Jo:  I remember that you ate it up when it was new, but got tired of it very quickly.

I hope the new stuff is at least decent tasting.  I know you want the best for me, but this lose weight thing is icky.  I wish I could just sent off the extra pounds to the kitties who want them.

Emma is getting sort of feisty with me.  You were brushing me today by the chair that she likes best and when I rolled over to let you brush my tummy, she reached down a paw like she was going to whap me.

Karen Jo:  She was only teasing you.  Her paw couldn't reach you.

I know, but it ruined the nice brushing mood.  I couldn't lie there and let you brush me with that going on. She sat in my place to wait for the Medley this morning, too.  I had to make do with the Stinky Goodness.

Karen Jo:  She didn't eat all the Medley, just most of it.  You got to finish it.  Emma chased you down the hall again tonight.

Yeah, she did.  I like that part of her getting feisty.  Playing chase with her is lots of fun.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bad Mom

 Here I am in the stroller, all ready to go to the vet's.  Mom has been really bad.  She hasn't blogged or visited in nearly a week.

Karen Jo:  I know.  I have been really busy and/or tired.  I will try to do much better.

I didn't go to the vet's on Tuesday after all.

Karen Jo:  It was beautiful Tuesday morning and I went for my mammogram (all normal) and walked home and enjoyed it very much.  By the time I fixed and ate lunch, the wind had blown in some clouds and it got really nasty.  I did manage to get to the vet's to pick up your medicine and weigh the stroller, but I didn't enjoy it at all. Thursday was pretty nice, though.

Off I went to the vet's on Thursday afternoon.  I didn't enjoy it at all.  I meowed all the way there and all the way home.  I even tapped at the little window in the back with my paw to let Mom know that I wanted out of that contraption.

Karen Jo:  I didn't much enjoy the results.  You actually gained a pound.  On the way home Tuesday, I picked up a new bag of healthy kitten kibble, confidant that you had lost weight and you had actually gained.  I found it hard to believe.  You are more active and jumping up on things again, which you weren't doing when you first gained the extra two pounds.  I, and two of my friends, who also live with cats, think that you have converted some of the fat to muscle, which explains the gain, yet improved jumping ability.  You get to keep the kitten kibble, but I am changing your other kibble to healthier versions, as you run out of what you have now.  We will see what that does.

That healthy kitten kibble doesn't taste as good as the Kitten Chow.

Emma:  I agree.  We aren't eating as much of the new stuff.

Karen Jo:  It's Now kitten kibble and it has no grains or gluten in it, so it's better for you.  I think it's a good thing that you aren't eating as much of it.  I am going to see it Now makes a kibble for overweight kitties and use that to replace your other dry food.  You get to keep the Green Pea and Duck, though.

Big deal.  Neither one of us eats much of the Green Pea and Duck. What if we don't like the food for overweight kitties?

Karen Jo:  Then you won't eat much of it and maybe you will lose those pounds.  If you do eat it, it's better for you than what you are eating now, so maybe you will lose weight.  We all win, either way.

That doesn't sound like much of a win to me.

Emma:  Not to me, either.  I don't have to lose weight.  Why do I have to suffer because Herman is a fatty?

Karen Jo:  Because there is no place I could feed you that Herman couldn't get to, except the high window sill and I can't see the food staying there without getting knocked off and making a mess.  I guess I should monitor your weight as well, to make sure that you don't start losing weight.

Can't we keep the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon dry food?  You said that it doesn't have much bad stuff in it.

Karen Jo:  No.  I want the weight to come off.  After you lose the three pounds that you need to lose, maybe you can have it back.

You are not only a bad blogger, you are getting mean.

Emma:  I am enjoying the view of the bird feeder from the big pillow on the table in the living room.  This has become my favorite place in the early afternoon.  Lots of birds show up just after Mom puts out new food and water.  I even nap up here.  We have been getting a little fresh air through the windows, but not much.

Karen Jo:  I am sad about that, too.  I also want the windows open, but it is just too cold still.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mancat Monday

I am just being a good kitty, watching Mom crawl around on the floor with the camera, trying to get good pictures of us.  Mom, you didn't do a Mother's Day post, so we could wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  It's all we could give you, because we don't have any green papers and aren't allowed to leave the house, anyway.

Karen Jo:  You gave me a much better Mother's Day gift than you know.  Neither of you was being a cranky kitty today.  There was lots of playing, with chase and tag being the main games.  Last night you both came to bed with me and let me pet each of you with one hand, with no jealousy.  Herman, you even let me weigh you without any fuss.  The best present of all it that it looks like you have lost a pound.  I would like to take you to the vet's and use their scale to make it official on Tuesday.

I don't want to go to the vet's.

Karen Jo:  It will just be a nice ride in the stroller, into the vet's, up on the scale, and home again. I will take the stroller in empty earlier, so I can subtract that weight.

I still don't want to go.

Karen Jo:  If you have lost a pound, then you get to keep your kitten dry food, which you like.  If you haven't lost that pound, I will have to stop giving it to you.

Hmmm, a trip to the vet's doesn't sound so bad now.  That was a nice game we played tonight.

Karen Jo:  I enjoyed it, too.  I know that you don't enjoy Da Bird nearly as much as Emma does, so after I played Da Bird with her for a while, I got out your mousie wand toy and moved it back and forth between you and Emma.  Both of you took turns catching it.  Oddly enough, Emma got tired of the game before you did.  You are usually the first one to stop playing.

I think Emma got hungry or thirsty.  She headed into the kitchen. We are almost out of Stinky Goodness.

Karen Jo:  Not any more.  I brought you home 48 cans tonight.

When are you going to start eating something good for lunch again?

Karen Jo:  As soon as I find something that I want to cook.  It's about time for chicken again, unless some good beef is on special.

It sounds good to me, as long as you don't cook pot roast.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cranky Caturday

 I like to sort of hide behind the new scratcher, so Emma can't see me watching her.  It's easier to ambush her this way.
Emma:  I just finished playing with the Wooly Bully and now I am relaxing a bit.

Karen Jo:  I think both of you need to relax a bit more.  You have both been very cranky kitties this week.  What has been bothering you so much?

I want more open windows.  The house smells stale, but you hardly ever open the windows.

Karen Jo:  It has still been windy and cold.  I did open up a few windows for an hour or two before I went to work today.

Emma:  I want more food.  You feed us breakfast early, but then we don't get any more until you are nearly ready to leave for work and you don't come home and feed us again for hours and hours.

Karen Jo:  You don't need any more food.  Herman is already too fat and you are getting a little pudgy tummy.  There is plenty of dry food available all the time.  If Herman doesn't start losing some weight soon, I may have to cut down on the dry food.

Herman and Emma:  Nooo!

Karen Jo:  Now what is bothering you about each other?  Herman, the other night I was playing ball with you while I was waving Da Bird for Emma.  Everything seemed to be going so well, but you stopped playing ball and soon pounced Emma, making her squeal and hide.

When she is lying on her back and waving her paws around, sometimes I just can't help but want to pounce her.  Besides, when you play with me I want you to only play with me and not play with Emma at the same time.

Karen Jo:  Emma, you were especially grouchy yesterday.  I was doing the laundry and I knew that both of you were near my feet, so I shuffled my foot instead of taking a step, but I pinched Herman's toe anyway.  Herman yelled and both of you ran as fast as you could to the living room.  I started petting Herman to apologize for hurting him and you started making angry noises and hissing at him.  I had to move to the couch to calm you down, then go back to Herman to make sure that he wasn't hurt.  What was that all about?

Emma:  When we ran to the living room, Herman was chasing me as hard as he could.  He scared me.

I wasn't chasing you.  I was trying to get away from Mom's clumsy feet.

Karen Jo:  Later, it was furmination time.  Emma, you let me give you a light going over before you started biting the furminator so that I couldn't continue.  Herman, you were more cooperative, but just barely.  I know that you would rather just be brushed, but the brush won't keep the mats away.  I started to go under your chin and you let out a yell and scratched me.  Emma, you jumped up on your carrier, then pounced on Herman's head, which caused quite a ruckus.

I had a mat under my chin and I didn't want it getting caught in the furminator.  I didn't really hurt you much.

Emma:  Herman gave out an attack cry and I was trying to protect you, Mom.

Karen Jo:  I appreciate the thought, Emma, but I really don't need protecting from Herman.  I understand about the mat, Herman.  I am glad that you let me get it with the scissors.  It's great that you aren't so afraid of the scissors now.  Both of you seemed to be in much better moods tonight, so maybe we won't have such grumpy kitties now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tattletale Tuxie Tuesday

 Here's my tummy shot for the contest that the OKcats are having.
Emma:  And here's mine.  I have tales to tell.  Last night Mom was bad.  She didn't give us our play time and she forgot Herman's pill.  Then she didn't even blog for us.  She made Herman miss Mancat Monday.

Karen Jo:  I apologize.  It snowed all day yesterday, which kind of depressed me.  I know that we need all the moisture we can get, but I am sooo tired of being cold.  Things were hectic at work.  By the time I got home I was tired and cold and I wanted to watch the news.  Important things happened.

Emma:  More important than Herman's pill?

Karen Jo:  No, I promise not to let it happen again.

I didn't mind missing my pill.  Those things taste terrible.

Emma:  This morning Herman hurt Mom.

I didn't mean to.  I was bunny kicking her arm and forgot to keep my claws tucked in.

Karen Jo:  I know that you didn't mean to hurt me, Herman.  You stopped when I started saying "OW!"  You hadn't played the bunny kicking game with me in a long time and you just forgot.

I could tell some stories on Emma.

Emma:  Yeah?  Like what?

You always scratch the furniture instead of the scratching posts and pads.  If you don't stop it, Mom is going to put you in the Naughty Kitty Club.  I'm in the Good Kitty Club.

Emma:  Mom?  Is that true?

Karen Jo:  No, Emma.  Just scratching the furniture isn't enough to get you into the Naughty Kitty Club.

Emma:  Whew!  I don't want to be in the Naughty Kitty Club.  I want to be in the Good Kitty Club like Herman.

Good kitties don't scratch the furniture.

Karen Jo:  That's true, but that's the only naughty thing that Emma does, so maybe she could get into the Good Kitty Club after all.

Emma:  I hope so.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remembrance Weekend

Today we are remembering all our friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  I will just list the ones who come to mind.  I am sure there are more.  Sweet Praline, Luxor, Mickey, Opus, Emil, Anastasia, Rascal, Mr. Tigger, Rocky the Gutter Cat, Mia, CatZee (who may still be alive, but she went out and never came home), Patches, Bow, Gatsbi, Fat Eric, Forest, Snickers, Dakota and all the rest whose names just aren't coming to me.  We will remember you fondly.