Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vet Visit and a Surprise

Joni: The silly Food Lady thought I was sick.

Karen Jo: You hadn't been eating properly in over a month.

Joni: She came looking for me and I ran away from her and that didn't give her a clue that I wasn't sick.

Karen Jo: You were so still and you let me touch you.

Joni:  You never heard of playing possum?

Karen Jo:  I called the vet and made you an appointment for the next day (Thursday).

Joni: And where was I when you came looking for me?

Karen Jo: In a sort of tent I made with the sofa cushions up on some storage boxes.

Joni: And that didn't give you a clue?

Karen Jo:  I had to be sure that you weren't sick by taking you to the vet.

Joni:  She had to chase me all over my room and when she caught me I fought like crazy and got away twice and she still didn't get a clue. She put me in a PTU and packed me off to the vet.  I told them a thing or two, until one of them stabbed me and I went to sleep.  When I woke up I discovered that they had stolen some of my blood and my pee.  And what did they find out after all that?  I'm a strong, healthy MANCAT.  That's right, I'm a mancat.  So what are you going to do about that, silly Food Lady?

Karen Jo:  I'm glad I took you in.  Now I know for sure that you are a strong, healthy mancat with strange eating habits.  I changed your name to Jonathan and I'm going to call you Jonny from now on.

Jonny:  Good. At least you put my room back together after tearing it all apart trying to catch me.

Missy:  Mom needs to take some new pictures of me.

Karen Jo: I would if you would stop running away from the camera.

Missy: I moved in with Jonny about a week ago.  It gets me away from Oja and gives Jonny some company.

Karen Jo:  You are one smart kitty, Missy.  The vet even said that having Missy in his room might be good for Jonny.  She could show him that it's safe to be out in the open and that I'm a nice lady.

Jonny:  You are NOT a nice lady.  I like having Missy around though.  She's nice.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Comings and Goings

Karen Jo: A word of explanation first.  About a year and a half ago my cousin persuaded me to join Facebook in order to keep in touch with my far-flung relatives easier and it certainly worked.  Unfortunately, I got all involved in the games and have been neglecting my blog shamefully.  I shall have to find the time to do better.

Mysterious: What about ME?

Karen Jo: Go ahead and introduce yourself, Missy.

Mysterious:  Hi, everyone.  My name is Mysterious, but Mom calls me Missy.  A nice vet lady found me wandering around near her clinic in Espanola and took me in and tested me.  When it turned out that I was FeLV+ she contacted Felines and Friends and they contacted Karen Jo.  I have been here for about three months and I love it, mostly.  Oja is mean to me.

Oja:  You have to know that I am the boss around here.  I don't want you trying to take over my Alphaship.

Mysterious:  I don't want your old Alphaship.  I just want to be left in peace.
 Maddie: Hi, everyone.  My name is Maddie.  I am five months old.  I don't remember much about the before time.  I just remember being put into a cage and being stuck with needles and being put to sleep and waking up with a sore tummy and being put back into a cage.  A nice man came and put me into a PTU and gave me a ride in a car and I ended up here.  I LOVE it here.  There are so many kitties and toys and good food and TREATS!  Horus and I wrestle every day and I have FUN, FUN, FUN!

Karen Jo: Below is the only decent picture I ever got of Bentley.  A good reason to start blogging regularly again, so I have pictures.  Sadly, Bentley strolled off to the Rainbow Bridge the week before Christmas.  His FeLV flared up and he left an hour and 20 minutes before his vet appointment.  If I am right about how he ended up outside, he is already with his person in Heaven.  I hope so.  He was such a dear old fellow.

Rocio: Here I am sunning myself.  Our weather can't make up it's mind whether to snow or shine.  I like the shine much better.  The new kitties are great, though Maddie is a treat thief.

Maddie: You just don't eat them fast enough.

Bambino: I love the new kitties.  Missy is a little stand-offish, but Maddie is a ball to have around.
Horus:  Here I am in the kitchen.  I am hoping that Mom will open the back door, so I can escape.  I love romping around outside and I don't care how cold it is.  I want out!
Julius:  I am still scared of Mom.  I don't know why.  She is very nice to me and gives me treats, but I won't let her very close to me at all.  Sometimes, in the middle of the night, when I am very sure that she is asleep, I will jump up on the bed and sleep on her feet.  If she moves and inch, I'm off.
Tabitha: I am in the computer room, just hanging out.  See that big tiger behind me?  It's a giant cardboard scratcher that Mom brought home one day.  We all love it.

Karen Jo: It was pretty expensive, but I had been looking at it for months.  When I found out that the pet supply store was having to move and would be closed for a while, I just bought it.  I'm glad that I did.

Spyro:  It looks like I'm inspecting Mom's big duster, but I'm really waiting for her to open the back door, so I can run out.  It's so sunny and looks warm to me.

Karen Jo:  It's freezing out there.

Spyro: I want to find out for myself.  If it's too cold, I'll come right back in.  Please let me out?
Oja:  I'm just hanging out in the living room.  I just might move over to that nice sun puddle in a minute.  I do wish Mom would stop bringing home new kitties.  I have to give each one of them the lecture on how to behave around me.

Maddie:  I listened the first time and haven't bugged you since.  I wish you would leave my friend Missy alone.

Joni:  I'm still in my room.  I am never coming out.  Mean Mom kicked me out of the closet and shut the door.

Karen Jo:  I was afraid that if you got sick or something, I wouldn't be able to get to you.  I made a new hiding place near the closet with some boxes for you.

Joni:  I don't like it.  I'm staying under the couch.