Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vet Visits

Oja:  I am taking a well-deserved nap in a sun puddle.  I was curled up next to Mom last night.  She had insomnia, so I got lots and lots of petting.  All of a sudden I had a coughing fit and scared Mom half to death.  She called the vet first thing and got me in this afternoon.  I am happy to report that I am 100% normal.  The vet said that because I drool when I am being petted, I might have inhaled some of my own saliva.  MOL!

Karen Jo:  Don't scare me like that!  All I could think of was Brody. I made arrangements to get you to Santa Fe to have your chest aspirated and everything.  I am so glad that everything is all right.
 Rocio: I never got to tell you about my own vet visit between Brody's last trip to the vet and his departure for the Rainbow Bridge.  I sang the song of our people all the way to the vet, the whole time I was at the vet and all the way home.  I drove the vet lady nuts.  MOL!  I am also 100% normal.

Karen Jo;  Purevax has come out with a 3-year rabies shot, so you don't have to have another one for 3 years.

Rocio: YAY!
 Spyro:  Mom can't get the throw and pillow back on the table, because some cat is always using Rocio's Mancat cave.  We got lots of wonderful sunshine today and I am making the most of it.
 Bambino: Rocio's Mancat cave is really neat.
 Horus: My paw is out of focus because I decided to wash my face just as Mom snapped the picture.
 Julius: This is the new cube Mom got for us because the purple one is destroyed.  I think we will get to tell that story tomorrow.  See how close I let Mom get? I let her touch me again today at treat time.
 Cissy: I'm in my cave, as usual when the camera comes out.  I am venturing out of the kitchen more and more.  I like the new cube.
Tabitha:  See how long I am?  I gave Spyro a tiny growl today when he tried to steal my treats.

Karen Jo:  Thank you, everyone, for welcoming us back and all the nice things you said when Brody was sick and when he left.  I will try to get around to do a lot of visiting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Food, Glorious Food!

 Spyro:  Mom is finally going to get back to blogging.  You know what prodded her to blog again?  Her cousin talked her into joining Facebook and that reminded her of blogging.  We all miss Brody very much, but he left behind some awesome food.

Karen Jo:  I bought Brody Elegant Medleys, Mornings, Delights and broth to tempt his appetite and it worked.  He ate right up until the day he left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Spyro:  Mom gave us some of this special food along with our regular Stinky Goodness.  It was delish.  We all had some, even Oja, who isn't supposed to eat anything but pate style Stinky Goodness.
Oja: That's because any canned food with gravy or lots of liquid gives me the runs.  Mom figured a little bit every other day wouldn't hurt me.  That was cool.  The really good food lasted longer that way.  Speaking of food, where's dinner?

Karen Jo:  It's not quite time for dinner yet.  You'll get it as soon as I finish this post.
Rocio: We have been up to all sorts of mischief.  Mom had this throw and a pillow on top of the table.  I pulled it off and made my own Mancat Cave.  I pulled off all her papers, too.  You should have seen her scrambling around trying to pick them all up again.  Hahaha!
 Bambino:  I enjoyed the special food, too, but what I like best is treats.  Mom is supposed to put my treats in that crystal bowl, so where are they?

Karen Jo:  You've had treats at least five times today.
 Horus:  I prefer the dry food to either canned food or treats.  I did enjoy the broth, though.  Spyro is on the other side of this box and I'm going to surprise him.
 Julius:  This is where I get my treats.  You can see Mom in the mirror again.  I have been letting Mom pet me while I eat my treats.  Three strokes is my limit, though.
 Cissy: Here I am in my cave.  I am getting bolder, though.  Mom bought a new cube and I went into the living room and got into it, until Oja came and chased me out, so she could get in it.  She sure is a bossy Alpha.
Tabitha:  I am growing.  Mom says I'm twice as big now as when I first came.  Mom has treats and I want some.