Monday, January 18, 2010

Mancat Monday

Karen Jo:  No picture today as I think the camera is officially dead.  Herman was looking cute, so I got the camera, but he charged in to play with it, so I turned it off.  It refused to turn back on, even with fresh out of the package batteries.  Anyone have any suggestions for a camera for a person who isn't very good with cameras?

Mom got me a new toy tonight.  It's a ball that flashes when it rolls.  I like it a lot.  I chased it under both sofas and Mom got it back out for me.  Then we played with one of my little plastic balls for a while.  I really confused Mom a little while ago.  I went to her room and then ran down the hall like I do when I want her to play with me.  Then I ran to the wall under the window in the living room and started really sniffing it.  When I finished that, I jumped up on the window sill and looked out the window very intently.  Mom couldn't see anything out there.

Karen Jo:  I was surprised that you jumped up on the window sill.  It's only 4 1/2 inches wide.  I wish I knew what was so interesting out there.

Mom gave me turkey today instead of a sardine.  I didn't eat much of it.

Karen Jo: I thought you might like a change.  You have only been eating about half of your sardine.  I'll give you a sardine again tomorrow.  We need to find something to talk about other than food.

Why?  Food is my favorite subject.


Brian said...

Sounds like a fun toy can play lots before a new flashy thing shows up!

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Herman, food rules! Oh, so do our Mommies ... hee hee!

Our Momma has a Canon Powershot A590IS that she really likes, it has an auto mode as well as programmable modes, has a viewfinder as well as a screen and takes videos too. It is an older model though, she doesn't know what the newer models' numbers are.

Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Angel Simba said...

Whatever camera you consider getting, I suggest you also read the reviews of it on, since it seems some of the cameras have idiosyncrasies about jammming, etc. My sister picked up a small Nikon to take on an overseas trip, to replace her Canon Powershot from a number of years ago (which had a shutter jam) and the reviews say it jams easily too! My Mom's camera is an Olympus that she has had for about 6 years so she can't really make a specific recommendation.

Harry Spotter said...

Cameras are a pain. Sardines, I have never tried a sardine, are they salty? I am goona ask for one to try.

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Mamabug has a Sony Cybershot DSC W-150 and totally loves it......she's had it about a year now and before that she had another Sony Cybershot. It was 7 or 8 years old when she replaced it with this one. Sisterbean has had a couple other models of flashy boxes, but they have never lasted long, so now she has a Sony also and totally loves it.....not the same model as mamabugs, but can't remember what model it is...:)

Saying all that to say: We vote for a Sony Cybershot!!!! :)

We purr that you will get another flashy box soon as we will really miss seeing snaps of you, Herman.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh I love sardines! You get real ones?!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We have Nikon CoolPix's at out house. We like to hear about Herman and his playing and his food.

Max said...

There are a ton of easy to use, good digital cameras out there right depends on how much you want to spend, and if you want to be able to print out crisp photos or just use them online.

If you just want online stuff, you don't need a lot of megapixels. If you do want to print, don't get less than 5 MP, and if you want to be able to blow a picture up, the more MO you have the bigger you can go (basically...)

Nikon Cookpix, Kodak Easy Share, Canon Powershot, and Panasonic Luminex are all pretty good.

But, if you want to capture Herman in action, a Digital SLR is the best way to go. Nikon D40 or Canon Rebel is the way to go. Both are newby SLR friendly.

DSLR is how I would go...

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Sardines??? O, you lucky boy!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You mean there are other subjects apart from food?

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Toys are good. I like my mousies the best!

My mom just got a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS Digital elph.
It was not expensive and daddy got it for her a few months ago. It is little and she can put it in her purse. The battery works forever.
It comes with a little book of instructions which are not hard to read and a cool charger thing for the battery.

I like food very much. When I was little and I just came here, I did not eat very much, but now, I love my food!


ps: I like your muzzle. It is white and your whikkers are cool

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Here is a link to a super good deal on a Canon camera. My dad just found it.
It is just like mom's camera.
My daddy is a super shopper (for the US govt) but he sure knows how to find fabulous deals

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

What's wrong wif talkin about food, foods are furry importint!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

I bet that flashy toy is better than a flashy box in your face!

Shaggy and Scout said...

We had one of those flashy balls.
We were askeered of it, big time!

Puddin said...

I'm sorry your camera is acting up. i hope you can get it fixed or a new one soon.I gave you an award on my blog!! Go check it out and congrats!! :D


GLOGIRLY said...

We are a Nikon and Leica household.
Gloman is a professional photographer and is always researching and studying new equipment. He can't say enough good things about Nikon's SLR's and lenses. Our point and shoot cameras though are Leica D-LUX 4's. They are AWESOME!

(Katie's girl)