Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

 Mom hasn't been taking pictures of us for a few days, so here is one of Emma that she hadn't used yet and a recent one of me that she has used, but she really likes it.
Emma has been hogging most of the attention lately.  Mom wants to tell you about her latest trip to the vet today.

Karen Jo:  Emma gained two-tenths of a pound and the vet said that was a good thing, as she was too skinny.  The yeast infection in her ears seems to have mostly cleared up, but something else is going on in there to make her ears so itchy.  What the vet lady did find reminded her of mites, but she couldn't see any definite sign of mites -- no eggs or droppings or actual mites.  We are going to treat her for mites for a week anyway, just to make sure.  The other thing that needs to be taken care of soon is that Emma has a bad tooth that will probably have to come out. The vet suggested that we try to get her ears cleared of whatever-it-is before taking out her tooth, though.  Emma hates the carrier already.

Emma stole my spot for sleeping with Mom, too.

Karen Jo:  She just beat you to it.  I sat up and petted you and made a spot for you near Emma.  You still got all your bedtime petting.  You were just next to my tummy instead of my chest.

To top it off, Emma stole some of my Medleys tonight.

Emma:  Hey, you started it!

Karen Jo:  Let's start at the beginning, shall we?  When we got back from the vet, I let Emma out of her carrier in the living room, as I want her to explore it.  She wandered around for a little, then went back down the hall to her room.  When I got home from work tonight, Herman was in the kitchen to greet me as usual, but Emma was looking into the kitchen from the living room, which had never happened before.  She was very hungry, as she had eaten all her Stinky Goodness and almost the whole bowl of Kitten Chow.  She heard my voice and wanted to be fed.  I fed them both, starting with Herman, as always.  Emma started really chowing down as soon as I brought her her Stinky Goodness and was still at it when I topped up her bowl of Kitten Chow.  I went back to the kitchen to put away the groceries I had brought home and I saw a dark streak dart into the living room.  I hadn't heard the usual Herman thumps, so I checked and it was Emma.  I went to her room and there was Herman, finishing off Emma's Stinky Goodness.  I figured that turnabout was fair play, so I picked up Emma and put her down in front of Herman's buffet.

Emma:  There was more food that I had ever seen before in my life!  I checked out every bowl and dish, nibbling a little here and there.  Then I smelled something that smelled better than anything else and started eating it.

This was too much for me.  I saw her check out my whole buffet, then start eating my Medley!  I hid behind the clothes hanging from the kitchen doorknob and did my wiggle butt, ready to pounce.  I started my run, but Emma turned and gave me a hiss.  I put on the brakes and she went back to eating my Medley.  I gave Mom my saddest look, but she didn't do anything about it.

Karen Jo:  I have told you and told you not to steal Emma's Stinky Goodness.  You have your whole buffet, but she only has what I give her in her room because she hasn't been brave enough to come out into the kitchen.

But she ate my Medley!  My very special food!

Karen Jo:  I told you that if she ate all of it that I would give you some more.  She didn't eat all of it, not even half of what you left.

She went in the living room and rubbed her girl stink on one of my toy boxes.

Emma:  I was only using the edge of it to scratch my itchy ears.  You have three toy boxes, so big deal!

I think you two girls are picking on me.

Karen Jo:  I think I know a big strong mancat who is going to learn a whole lot more about sharing than he ever dreamed of.


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Herman, you can complain all you want, but we all already know you like Emma! You won't even jump her if she hisses at you - in fact, you don't even hiss back! You had better be careful or she will start bossing you around for real.

Angel Simba said...

So nice that Emma is out and about and it seems both Herman and Emma are accepting each other well - expcet where sharing food is concerned!

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Little sisters can be like that, Herman, and there isn't a thing you can do about it except make sure you finish your own good stuff before you start on hers.
And, Emma, good job on finally venturing out and enjoying the rest of the house. It's a big, new world out there and you will love it.
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in IL

Marg said...

Oh my that all sounds just like our house. We all eat each other's food and it drives Mom cuckoo. Herman, if you are going to eat hers, she gets to eat yours. Too funny. Hope you two get things worked out. Emma sure is pretty. We are sorry we haven't gotten her sooner to meet Emma. Hope everyone has a great day.

Kea said...

LOL! You two sound just like typical siblings! :-)

We're so glad you're doing well, Emma, and have started to post too! Purrs for your ears to be fine, and for the dental that will have to be done.

-Fuzzy Tales

The Island Cats said...

Sounds like Emma is trying to be the boss around there already, Herman!!

Hannah and Lucy said...

That just sounds like ours - both eyeing the other dish in case there is one tiny morsel more than on their plate!! LOL.
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Meezers or Billy said...

Herman, admit it, you were being nice to your sisfur and letting her try your speshul foods!!

OKcats said...

Miss Emma is getting very brave! And it's nice of Herman to stop his pounce when he gets a hiss. We're always so happy when we read about these 2 sweeties! Miss Karen Jo, you done good.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mom here: I LOVE this interchange between the three of you. Has me smiling and I suspect I will continue smiling!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh Herman! I think you did eat her food first! We had a cat that hated it when the other cats were fed--if they got three separate plates he would eat from all three plates as quickly as possible and he never knew exactly where to start!

Brian said...

It's okay Herman, you will get used to having a sister in no time! Really!!!

Everycat said...

All three of you sleeping together is great progress. Herman we think you are being a gentlemancat and a few extra treats wouldn't go amiss for your patience


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like you are getting to know each other better every day. We have two separate dishes with exactly the same food in both, but we like to both eat together out of one dish first, then when that is gone, we eat out of the other dish.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Herman, you can steal her food, too! Sharing with a sister is fun. You can both give Mom trouble!


Emma is becoming quite the sister isn't she!?!
(she is a beauty) and we hope the itchy ears go away!


wildcatwoods said...

Glad to hear Emma is doing so well and Herman you just make like you don't like her but we know you do!

Thanks for coming to Darby's party! We had to rest up after.

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Katnip Lounge said...

Herman, welcome to reality. Girls rule us boys...


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Herman, my truly do sympathize. But food bowl gmes are part of having other cats around. All of us here haved lived with other kitties.

Now, we DO all have our favrit foods among the various ones we get from day-to-day.

But the rule is that ya gotta protect yer own bowl to an extent. Iffen you are gettin yer usual but another kittie suddenly decides he/she would like ta taste that, ya got 2 choices. Trade bowls or defend yours.

WE know that you will permit Emma ta learn what she likes and, as the mancat of the house, will gracefully submit to her kittenish wishes and demands.

We are doing that with Marley cuz he is new and still feels the urgent need he learned in the Shelter ta taste all bowls.

So, give her a few months ta learn that she doesn't have to be pushy about food and she will calm down about it.

Mom could always give you yer dinner in another room, ya know... ;)

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

That sounds like when Sephy came to live here with us! I think if you keep being nice, she'll play with you eventually!

Good thing you're treating her for mites anyway. When the Unnecessary Kitten came to live with us, and went for his follow up check up with itchy ears, the vet-lady-helper said his ears were clean enough to eat out of! But they got itchier and itchier and started getting gunky and the OTW took him back because WE'd never had mites and she didn't know what was wrong. Dr Tara said he had MITES!

She also said that was why he was naughty, because he had voices in his head telling him to do bad things. But he's STILL naughty even though he's (technically) a man-cat now and he doesn't have mites!


meowmeowmans said...

Sounds like Emma is a bonfide sisfur now, with all that squabbling. MOL.

Ellen Whyte said...

Well Herman it sounds like you're getting a life lesson here. Just as well there's plenty of food to go round, right?

George Online Cat said...

I am purring for Herman

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Herman, having a sisfur is definitely worth sharing your food, toys, and mom. Emma is very lucky to have such a great brofur to make her feel so welcome.