Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday

Just relaxing on the carpet again.  Our cold front has passed through and we didn't get any snow out of it, but it still won't be warm enough for me to go to my wellness exam by stroller.  I wasn't waiting for my Interferon this morning, but when Mom said that it was time for it and I heard her open the refrigerator, I came right to her to get it.  When Mom said that lunch was ready, I came and sat and stared at her until she started sharing her chicken with me.  I have decided that some leftovers are yummy.  Mom kept fishing out little chicken chunks for me and I ate six or seven of them, which is a lot for me.  I like some people food, but I prefer cat food, especially treats.  Tonight things got crazy again.  Mom came home and did what she usually does until it was time for her to blog.  Instead of turning on the computer, she started messing around in my old safe room, moving stuff around and out of the room.  Then she got out the sucky monster and I hid.  Now my scratching post, which I hardly ever use, is missing.  Something is up.

Karen Jo: I got a call from the lady at the shelter about the leukemia kitty.  She is delighted that I would be willing to take her in and I am going to go pick her up in the morning.

You are going to go get that kitty?  But you don't know anything about her.  You haven't even met her.

Karen Jo:  I know that she is in a high-kill shelter on death row because of her leukemia. That's enough for me. Your foster Mom saved you from euthanasia when she took you in and kept you until I could find you and bring you home.  This time the foster homes are full and desperately trying to place kitties before kitten season starts.  If I don't go get her, she will most likely be put to sleep.

What if I don't like her?

Karen Jo:  I am going to give you a good long time to get used to each other, several months at least.  If the two of you just can't learn to get along or tolerate each other, then I will work with the Friends of the Shelter to find her a forever home.  Either way, she will get a chance to live.

You are going to keep her locked up in the safe room, right?  I won't have to share with her.

Karen Jo:  She is going to stay in the safe room until the two of you get used to each other.  You are going to have to share some of my time with her starting as soon as she arrives.  You are going to have to share your toys with her, too.  Once she comes out of the safe room, you will have to share everything with her.



Echik said...

Herman, you should come and think of it, your mum is very thoughtful to adopt the new kitty. I do admire your mum for that decision she just made. I salute her!!

For your part, I know it's difficult to share some of your stuff and have someone to share with your mum's attention especially that the new kitty is a perfect stranger to you, but things like this really do happen. You should be kind and loving to all, always remember that. :-)

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Marg said...

Oh that is so exciting that Mom is saving another kitty. We can't wait to see pictures of her. Hope you both like each other. She really needs a home. Thanks so much Mom for taking on the new kitty. Take care.

Kea said...

Oh, Karen Jo...Bless you for saving this wonderful ladycat. We hope to see pics! We hope all goes well!

SuziQCat said...

Sharing isn't so bad Herman...look at it this way...you'll have twice the treats, if you steal hers, twice the kibble, twice the toys and twice the loving!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Herman, this is a good thing. SHe needs you and you and your Mom!

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Herman, your mom is a hero to that poor little kitty! we can't wait to meet her!

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Herman, dear friend, us boys can relate to what you are feeling right now. Unfortunately there isn't a place for a safe room in our small apartment. We have good days with our new sister, and then we have days where all we do is hiss and growl at her. She is a tortie so doesn't seem to get too upset.

We will be purraying that you and your new sister will quickly adapt to each other....and bless your mom for making a loving home for her.


Sammy and Andy

Anonymous said...

Oh, Herman! Your mom is so sweet to save that sweet little kitty. We are going to send up prayers that you fall in love with her and are eager to share your toys, your space and your mom with her. We hope you let us know how things are going from time to time. Sending you lots of hugs and nose kisses

Amy & the house of cats said...

Herman, don't worry - we have gotten lots of new brothers and sisters - it isn't that bad, and you have someone to play with when your mom is gone, if you are in the mood. Your mom is doing a wonderful thing helping this kitty girl out, just like someone helped you out when you needed it. We send your mom lots of hugs for helping her out!

The Monkeys said...

We are very excited about your new sister, Herman! We're pretty sure you'll love her eventually and we are so happy your Mom is taking her in!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

How exciting - a kitty is getting rescued! I really hope you give her a chance to be friends, Herman! (And vice versa!)

Forty Paws said...

We are so happy that you have taken in Emma! This is wonderful news!

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