Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun and Games

 I am just relaxing again.  Lots of kitties were impressed with our buffet again.  We get so many kinds of food put out because I have both FIV and feline leukemia and Emma has feline leukemia.  Both are wasting diseases and Mom is making sure that we get enough choices so we eat enough.  We also seem to burn up a lot of energy keeping the virus in remission.  I did get too fat, so one of the choices is NOW weight control formula, which I actually like.  The other dry foods are Natural Balance green pea and duck and NOW kitten formula.  We get kitten food because we need the extra protein.  For canned food we get Fancy Feast and Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys.  Mom wishes we would eat healthier canned food, but when she tried to give me some, I barfed it right back up.  My last bout with feline leukemia left me with a slightly delicate stomach.  Mom isn't likely to mess around with our canned food again, unless she can't get the extra weight off me any other way.

Emma:  I love this chair.  I can get up on the back of it and watch the birdies and the high back makes a bit of shade in the seat.  It is also my favorite place to scratch.  Mom has given up trying to get me to stop scratching on the furniture. Bribing me with treats to get me to use the scratchers doesn't work because I don't care if I get treats or not.  I have even walked away from a treat when Mom tried to give me one. The spray stuff doesn't work because I think it smells interesting.  Mom sprays my scratch spot and I sniff and sniff it.  I scratch too many places for the sticky tape to work.  If she put it on one place, I would just scratch somewhere else.

Karen Jo:  I don't really care all that much.  All my furniture is quite old and you aren't really causing all that much damage.  I would rather you used the scratchers, but you won't, so that's that.

We got a tiny bit of rain this evening, so the weather cooled off.  I even felt like playing this evening, but not as much as Emma wanted.  She kept running right past me, trying to get me to chase her.  I did a little bit, but she wanted more.  I played soccer with Mom for a while.

Emma:  Now that I know that Herman is just playing when he chases me and I want to play with him, he won't do it much.  Mom and I played with Da Bird for a nice long time tonight.

Mom bought some chicken, but she hasn't cooked it yet.  She cooked something even better for lunch today -- steak!

Karen Jo:  I had started thawing out a steak for supper last night when a friend of mine invited me out for dinner.  It had thawed too much to put it back in the freezer, so I just had to cook it for lunch. Grin.

I don't care why we had steak for lunch, I just wanted my share.  I tried jumping up on the table to help myself, but Mom put me right back on the floor.  I got my bites anyway.  Emma didn't even come to investigate.  That silly girl really has her food priorities messed up. She will even eat the dry food when there is new Stinky Goodness in the dishes.

Emma:  I eat the Stinky Goodness first when it is just put out.  I am just not that interested in people food.  You eat dry food when there is Stinky Goodness out, too.

Not until it is all dried up and yucky.


Clooney said...

It's good that the weather cooled a bit for you both to feel up to playing with your Mom for a bit. Have a good week Herman & Emma!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Emma, that is SUCH a bootiful photo of you!!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Ya eat what ya will eat... Mom has to accept that. Actally, we wish WE could have Fancy Feast!

Brian said...

Oh we've got that dreaded diet thing going on here...but I'm glad y'all are having plenty to eat.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am so glad you get to eat plenty. I wish my human thought that way!

Marilia said...

To many kisses for you friends!

OKcats said...

Our mom gave up on the furniture after the two rotten boys who used to live here refused to stop destroying it. So now she uses slip covers.

Summer at said...

And I thought OUR food situation was complicated!

The Florida Furkids said...

You got steak for lunch? You're super lucky! AND you get such a great selection of foods too!!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie


Oh yea we all need to come over to your buffet for dinners, no question about it, now steak for lunch.

And Emma that is indeed a great picture of you.

Motor Home Cats said...

We like that you get a variety of foods to eat. When Tiki and Tavi were still here, Mom thought they were too fat too, but the v-e-t told her that it was better for elderly cats to be a little too fat than too thin. We think your v-e-t must feel the same way with your health problems.

Emma, you are looking gorgeous.

Cody and Gracie

meowmeowmans said...

We are glad you two have so many choices, and that it keeps you interested in your food. Keep right on eating, Herman and Emma ... we want you both happy and healthy for a long, long time! :)

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

We are glad dats you two iz lookin so wonderful. Your Momma takes such wonderful care of you. She iz a gem!
& Tanks you fur leavin' such kind commints when da Auntie Stinkie wents to da Bridge.
Nosie kissez,
Dr Tweety

Ellen Whyte said...

Your mummy is a doll to take you in Emma, and to look after you both so well. Au is FIV positive too and we know what it's like to feed up kitties. Good munching to you both!

Dma said...

sounds like a great buffet of choices.