Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mostly Horus

 Karen Jo:  Sorry I didn't blog yesterday.  That was the day that what is going on with Brody hit me emotionally.

Brody:  This is MY story.  I am doing better today.  I gained weight from 7.6 lbs last Thursday to 7.25 lbs today.  My temperature is going down from 103.5 Tuesday to 103 today.  I should have a temperature between 100 and 102. There is less fluid in my chest.  Look at me -- I am up and around, guarding my box of Elegant Medleys.  I am eating them nearly all up every day.  I usually leave just a little for Bambino or Julius, whichever gets there soonest after I am done.  I still sleep a lot, even for a cat, but I am also taking more interest in what is going on around me.  Man, did I have a lot of meds today.

Karen Jo:  Yes, you had 5 mls of your FIP medicine, 1 ml of your amoxydrops and your two shots and the vet gave you a vitamin shot.  You just have to have your amoxydrops and shots tomorrow and Saturday.

Brody: Whew!  I'm not saying that I like shots, but I'm not fighting Mom about them.

Itty Bitty No Name Kitty:  I'm tired of not having a name.  When are you going to name me?

Karen Jo:  I usually interact with a kitty for a while before naming her.  You won't even let me see you unless I catch you out of your closet and even then you are gone in a flash.  I have been trying out names in my mind, though, and I think we'll try Tabitha.  If it doesn't suit you after I get to know you better, we can change it.

Tabitha: I think I like it.
 Horus: Mom said I could have most of the blog to tell you about the problems I have been giving Mom lately.  I had been cornering Brody and Cissy and making them hiss and snarl.  Mom would come break it up.  I will say that since Brody has been sick, I have been really nice to him, even licking his head.  I started chasing Cissy and really making her scream.  Mom didn't like that at all, but things are getting better. I also sprayed her dresser a couple of times and sprayed the hall this morning.

Karen Jo:  I talked to the vet about your behavior after I took you in to make sure that you didn't start spraying because you had an infection or something.  You checked out in perfect health, so that meant that you were full of catitude.  She suggested that I pay more attention to you and spend some one on one time with you.  I pet you more now and take you out in your harness almost every day.

Horus:  I like that a lot.  The vet lady told you that I was unhappy because there were so many cats in the house, taking your attention.  So what did you do? You went and got another one. That's why I sprayed the hall right across from the door to her safe room.

Karen Jo:  I had promised to find a home for that kitten before your problems got so severe.  The prospects I had didn't pan out, either of them, so I took the kitten in.  She's really shy.  Once she comes out of the safe room, she'll probably be a lot like Julius and you like Julius.

Horus:  Julius is cool.  He won't let you near him. You do realize that Cissy is exaggerating, don't you?

Karen Jo:  Yes.  I have figured out at last that she is a little drama queen.  You just walk past her and she screams.  Oja walks past her and she screams.  Rocio walks past her and she screams.

Horus:  That's cool them.  I think you have noticed that I have started pretend spraying instead of the real thing.  That means I'm only a little ticked off.

Karen Jo:  I have noticed and I appreciate it.  Things are getting better.
 Spyro:  That's my harness, special ordered for me, that Mom is taking Horus out in.  It's not fair.

Karen Jo: I put your harness on you and what do you do?  You crawl around doing a worm impression.  If I take you outside, you want right back in.  Once you get used to the harness, I'll take you out, too.
 Oja:  I am the boss of this house and this is my throne, so there.  I  have started taking Herman's old place beside Mom in the mornings and I get lots and lots of petting.  Right now I am sitting on the computer desk and getting petted between paragraphs.  I rule!
 Rocio:  Oja sure gets some strange ideas.  Look what I did to this scratcher with my mighty paw!

Karen Jo:  You had lots of help.  Spyro, Bambino, Brody and Cissy all use that scratcher quite a bit.

Rocio:  Hmmpf!  I still did a lot of it.  You need to get a new one.
 Julius:  We need to get a new photographer.  The best shot she got of me all day is me giving Spyro a nose kiss.

Karen Jo:  You run away when I try to get close enough for a good picture.  The other shots I took were blurry because you were playing so hard with a canvas bag.
 Cissy:  Be very, very quiet.  I am hunting a fly that's on that towel.
Bambino: I am watching Cissy hunt.  She reached down and the fly flew up.

Cissy:  I took a mighty swipe at the fly, but missed.

Karen Jo:  Don't worry, you will get another chance or ten.  It's fly season and they are coming in.


Brian said...

You are a fun one Horus, but then again you are all fun. Purrs to you sweet Brody.

wildcatwoods said...

Purring for Brody still. Sparkle left for the Bridge on Thurs - it was on Facebook. So sad.

Everycat said...

Hurray for Brody improving! Still sending lots of purrs. Karen Jo, please make sure you take time for yourself. Looking after kitties that have special needs can be exhausting mentally.

Sometimes when one kitty is getting sick, it will upset another and spraying etc can happen. Any little change in the home can bring this on.

..and to the rest of you, please behave!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Love and hugs to you. Please take care


Keeping Brody in our purrs and for less spraying and more happiness!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better Brody. Continued purrs to you.

Katnip Lounge said...

Paws crossed that you continue to get better, Brody! When The Baby was so ill a couple of months ago, we had an uptick in out-of-box peeing. Mommy's pretty sure it's stress.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Glad you are feeling a little better Brody and your temperature has gone down a little. Thank goodness your meds are in liquid form and by shots as if they were all tablets you would rattle when you run!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cathy Keisha said...

Sending healing purrz to Brody. Hoping everyone can just get along. MOL!

Katie Isabella said...

Brody, I have thou up in my bloggie and I do NOT ever forget about you, dear boy. PLEASE get better. Your mom is working so hard for you and the others. xxoo

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Way to go ALL of you!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

So much action at your house! We're glad to hear Brody is doing better and hope that he's continued on this road to recovery! Horus, even if you get upset, you really shouldn't spray. Think about it: you want more attention, but doing that will cause loss of time when your poor mom has to clean it up!