Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halfway House of the FeLV+ Kitties

Brody: I am taking an easy day today.  I'm not quite as active as I have been.  Mom puts it down to getting all busy this morning and not giving me my meds till afternoon.  I'm not acting sick or anything.  I lay down by the safe room door for a while, curious about Tabitha.  Now Mom has some stuff to say about what kept her busy this morning.

Karen Jo:  This morning I told Felines & Friends that I had a full house and couldn't take any more kitties.  The director asked me very nicely if I would consider becoming a halfway house for FeLV+ kitties.  That means I would allow them to list the kitties as adoptable and see if they could adopt some out to people who knew what they were getting into, so I would have room for more.  I accepted, though I would be sad to see any of my dear little ones go away.  I accepted for a few reasons.  Horus would be much happier in a house with fewer kitties.  If the kitties are adopted I wouldn't have to see them die.  I want to save as many kitties as I can.  It is quite possible that none of them will be adopted and things will just go on as they are now.  After all, I got into this because no one else would adopt Herman.  If any of them are adopted out, one of the conditions will be that they are to be returned to me if the adopters find that they don't really want them.
Spyro:  I do love the top level of the tall kitty tower.  Mom said this picture gave her a cuteness overload.
Oja:  This throw has a story behind it.  I like to make biscuits with my claws out on Mom's thigh.  Mom started putting this throw in her lap to protect herself.  I wouldn't get on her lap if the throw was there, so Mom put the throw on the floor next to the computer desk.  Now I lie on it often.  Score for me!
 Rocio:  This is the smaller cat tree.  Beside it is the curtain rod and the sheer curtains that one of us kitties tore down.  Mom hasn't gotten around to doing anything with it yet.
 Bambino:  At least I was awake when the camera came out today.  I got into the safe room and wouldn't come out, not even when Mom got out the treats.  Mom left me in there for a little while and Tabitha came out and played with me.  Mom says I get to go visit Tabitha for a little while every day from now on. Score for me!
 Horus:  Up on the pillow again.  It's the best nap place in the whole house.
 Julius:  Still won't let Mom get close to me with the camera.  I will let her get right up close enough to touch me now, but not when she has the camera.
Cissy:  Mom looked all over the house for me when it was picture time.  She was starting to get worried when she spotted me in this old cube.  Mom, we need a new cube.

Tabitha:  I came out of the closet today and let the lady pet me.  Twice!  She picked me up and I ran away again once she put me in her lap.  I played with another kitty who came to visit.  I like other kitties.  Mom brought in a black box (camera) and pointed it at me and I ran and hid.


Anonymous said...

Y'all be so adowable. Hav a pawsum day. Good luck wiff yous new endeavor and weez hope fur yous sake dat and dat of udder kittys in need dat sum of da kittys find pawsum homes.

Luv ya'


SuziQCat said...

Glad to hear that Brody is showing some signs of improvement. It's hard to watch when they aren't feeling well. The half-way house sounds like a great idea! best of luck!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

I like the idea of the halfway house. People need to know that these kidlets can lead a very full life. Karen Jo, you are an angel.


What a lovely way to think of it as a "half" way house. Half way ... wherever they're going. We like that idea a lot.

Just Mags said...

You all look great and very comfy. We don't like it much when Mumsy brings out that black box here either. She has to catch us off guard most of the time. We wish you all the best Karen Jo with the halfway house and bless you for all you do for kitties. Hugs and nose kisses

Brian said...

Hello sweetest friends! We think Mom is on to a wonderful idea for just all the right reasons.

Debra Taylor said...

It's so neat to see everyone has their own special place! Looks like everyone is having fun.

Debra Taylor said...

Bootsy has not returned for two weeks. We feel certain he has crossed the rainbow bridge

thanks for your support – Debby in Arizona

Everycat said...

I think that the Halfway House idea might be a very good thing to do, anything that gets these special kitties out into homes with people who care is good. It will also bring a happy event when a kitty leaves for a new home, rather than leaving for The Bridge.

I think you are amazing for how you help these cats Karen Jo!

Jane the Ape
& Mungo