Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brody Holds His Own

 Brody:  Why does Mom take my picture with my shaved spot showing? I'm just hanging in there, no better, no worse.  Mom keeps giving me my medicine and I try to get away from her sometimes, especially after the first shot when I see the second stabby thing come out.  I always get treats right afterward, so I don't go too far.  I have given up on trying to avoid the stuff squirted in my mouth.

Karen Jo:  Now comes the really hard part for me.  Brody has gotten back to being almost himself again.  Now, will the new medicine whip the FIP, or will Brody stay the way he is now until it attacks him again?
 Spyro:  I didn't get my picture taken today, so this is an older shot.  I'll leave the explanation for others.
This is what Mom calls Spyro's Spytower because I am the cat up here most often.  It's a great spot for looking outside and seeing everything that goes on in the living room.
 Oja:  I am on my throne again, watching over my domain.  I still play with the turbo track sometimes.  I have been chasing Cissy again.  Mom is about to give up coming to see what is happening when Cissy screams.  No cat is ever hurting her.
 Rocio:  I am watching the spectacle of Mom crawling around on the floor trying to get good photos.  That white bottle beside me is what Mom uses when Horus pees where he shouldn't.
 Bambino:  Mom was down on the floor, so I started to crawl into the ham-mick facing her. She got all set with the camera for me to stop moving, then I turned around and showed her my butt instead.  She had to wiggle around to get my profile.
Karen Jo:  Horus was a bad boy today.

Horus:  Mom was down on the floor taking pictures.  When it was my turn, she just turns to me and shoots.  When Brody's turn came she petted him and cooed to him and coaxed him to face her, giving him lots of attention.  I couldn't stand that, so I went over to the couch, turned around to face Brody and sprayed the couch. That'll teach her to give that little brat all the attention.

Karen Jo:  Brody needs more attention now because he is sick.  Even you have been nice to him.

Horus:  I still don't like it when he gets more attention than I do.

Karen Jo:  I had to stop the photo session and clean up the mess.  Then I couldn't remember if I had taken pictures of all the cats.  That's why Spyro and Cissy have older pictures today.
 Julius: Mom is getting better at reading my body language on how close she can get with the camera.  As soon as I turned my head to look at her she froze until I looked away again.  The birds are more interesting than she is.
 Cissy:  This is the visiting toddler's table with her crayon box behind me.  She hasn't been over in a long time, which suits me just fine.  I almost got Brody to play with me last night, but he gave me a really soft hiss and I went back to grooming him instead.
Tabitha:  I am getting to like the lady.  Breakfast time this morning I came out to greet her and let her pet me.   I even stayed out when she left and came back with the black box.  I'm all blurry because I am never still.  I like the lady's foot.  I got to play with Bambino twice today for a little while.  The lady lets him in, then goes away and lets us play.  She comes back in a little while and lets him out again.  I like Bambino.


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Sending big purrs to sweet Brody, I hope he feels better soon. So nice to see everyone!

Summer at said...

I'm sending Brody lots of purrs - FIP is so nasty!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Sending lots of (((purrs))) to Brody <3

Hannah and Lucy said...

Poor Brody - we are sending gentle purrs and whiskery kisses.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marg said...

That is great that Brody is still hanging in there. Sounds like the medicine is working. Good to see everyone's pictures. Happy Friday to all of you.

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Keep up the good work, Brody! It's sweet that Cissy gives you a bath. Personally, I like it when I get one!

Tabitha, it's nice you're getting used to your new mom and new home. It's great you have a playmate in Bambino, too!

meowmeowmans said...

Glad to hear you're holding your own, Brody. We have our paws and fingers crossed that the medicine kicks that FIP to the curb!

Brian said...

We sure are sending you lots of purrs Brody. Miss Tabitha, we are glad to see you enjoying the love!

Katie Isabella said...

OH spraying...shamey shamey BUT I, as do all cats, understand. xxooox


Ping is a sprayer too. *sigh* I understand. Brody we hope you continue to feel better and better.

Anonymous said...

Mommy wants to know just what's in dat white bottle, as me has been makin' a foo oopsies too lately. MOL Purrayin' fur Brody and yous all look gweat.

Luv ya'


Marilia said...