Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cissy Replies

Brody:  I feel a little better every day.  I am sleeping with Mom again.  I am trying to hide a little bit from my meds, but Mom doesn't have to work too hard to get them in me.  I finished up the Amoxidrops last night.  Yay!  Today was big med day -- the 5 mls of Proxyphrenol and Interferon and my shots.  In the photo I am trying to decide if I want more Elegant Medleys . . .
Brody:  Or if I want to share with Julius.

Julius:  He decided to share.  Yay!  This is the closest I have ever let Mom get to me with the camera.  The noms were too yummy to leave.  You can see the swirly stripes on my side.
Cissy:  I want to defend myself against the charge of being a Drama Queen.  One, Brody won't play with me any more.  Thank goodness he has stopped hissing and growling at me, but he still won't play.  He will cuddle and groom me, though, so I am a bit less of a screamer. Two, it's not my fault I scream so much.  Horus, Rocio and Oja all chase me and make me scream.  I jump in my big box in the kitchen to get away from them and Horus gets on the other box and looks down at me and makes me scream.

Karen Jo:  You also scream when any of those three come anywhere near you, even if they aren't doing anything to scare you.

Cissy: I'm scared of them all the time because of all the chases and cornering and vulture cat incidents.  I want my Brody back the way he used to be.

Karen Jo: Brody's vets and I are trying our best to make that happen.  All the nice kitties in the Cat Blogosphere are purring for it, too.  Thank you all so very much.
Spyro:  I fooled Mom.  I was looking right at her when she pushed the button on the camera.  I am just being myself, friends with all the cats.  I am being nice to Cissy and she never screams at me.
Oja:  Mom usually wouldn't use a picture this blurry, but the light was just right to bring out the silver in my fur.  I accepted Cissy pretty quickly and only hissed at her a couple of times.  I thought things were ok between us, then she starts growling at me whenever she sees me.  I decided to give her something to growl about. Chasing her is fun; so is cornering her and hearing her scream.  I always have my tail curled up when I do either.  If I were serious, my tail would be straight.
Rocio: I only chase Cissy once in a while.  It's so easy to get a scream out of her that it's hard to resist.  Julius has been hanging around Brody more, so I have to find something to do.
Bambino: Sheesh, can't a guy get in a nap without the camera coming out? I play with Spyro, Horus, Rocio and Julius.  I leave Brody, Cissy and Oja alone.
Horus:  I am watching a bird right outside the window.  Can you see it?  It's just above the hole in the platform.  Click on the photo to biggify. I have stopped spraying.  Mom gives me lots of petting and takes me outside.  I have lost interest in the new kitten.  She's so quiet we don't even know she's there.
Tabitha:  I'm here.  If you look really closely you can just see a smudge of white above the white cloth.  That's my chin.  Today is the first day that I have let the lady see me. Oh, she peeked in on me the second day I was here and she saw a flash of me the day I got caught up on the window sill, but this is the first time that it has been my idea.  I never told you what I look like.  I'm a calico tabby and I weigh 2 pounds.

Karen Jo:  If you would come out of the closet and let me take a picture of you, everyone could see what you look like.

Tabitha: I'm never coming out of this closet except to eat and use the litter box and do some exploring in the night.  Something is doing terrible things to kitties out there.  I can hear it.

Karen Jo:  That's just Cissy.  She screams a lot.  Hopefully you will get used to it and come out some day.

Tabitha:  Don't bet on it. Oh, I am three months old today.


Brian said...

Nice to see you all and we would love to see you Tabitha! We are glad you are feeling better sweet Brody.

meowmeowmans said...

We sort of see you, just a little, Tabitha! Maybe we'll get to see you more sometime?

Yay for you, Brody. Glad you're feeling better, pal.

Katnip Lounge said...

We are happy for mainly good reports on ALL of you! Tabitha, May Ling says she feels the same way about other cats.

Summer at said...

Wow, things are so complicated at your house! I haven't met the other kitties who live here yet - I hope they are polite. I'm looking forward to learning more about all you kitties.

My human wants to thank you for the kind words about Sparkle

Hannah and Lucy said...

Brody it's easier to take your meds than cause a fuss as these Mom's are very persistent. Just be good kitties for Karen Jo she is trying to help you all.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


Cissy and Brody there is a lot going on in your home and we think Karen Jo is doing a fine job of keeping all of you in good spirits!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I am glad you are doing well Brody. Your mum is doing a wonderful job with all of you.
I hope you get braver Tabitha and let us all see you.

The Island Cats said...

Brody, we're glad you're feeling better. And Tabitha, we hope you will come out of the closet so we can meet you.

Gattina said...

It seems to me that each time I visit your blog there is another cat, lol ! Hissing and avoiding each other is the same in my cat family !