Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brody Improves

 Brody:  Thank all of you for all the purrs and everything.  They are helping.  I am resting up from my trip to the vet today.  My temperature is normal; my weight is up from 7.75 to 7.8; best of all, the fluid in my chest is going away.  I still have to take all my meds and the Amoxidrops are back.  Yuck!

Karen Jo:  Sorry, Brody, but the meds are helping you and the Amoxidrops are back because you are more vulnerable to bacterial infection now.
 Spyro:  It's a gray and rainy day.  Just right for a nap on top of the tower.  I love it up here.
 Oja:  Mom caught me nomming down on the dry food.  Orijen Six Fishes is delicious.
 Rocio:  Shall I scratch for treats, or just eat the dry food that is already out?  Treats are better, so I'll scratch.
 Bambino:  Again with the camera?  I'm with Spyro.  This is a great day for napping.
 Horus:  I just love this pillow.  I nap here lots.  I thought about spraying the dresser this morning, but changed my mind and used the litter box.  I'm a good boy, I am.
 Julius:  See all the dry cat food scattered all over the floor?  Some cat comes tearing down the hall at top speed and crashes right into the bowls.  I'm not saying any names, but she's black.

Cissy:  I wouldn't be tearing down the hall at top speed if some other kitty weren't chasing me.

Julius:  Don't look at me.  It must have been Rocio, Horus or Oja.  You made the mess, though.

Cissy:  Hmmpf!  This is my new hidey-nappy place.  I found this cushion just lying around and dragged it under the chair.  It's pretty safe here, especially when Mom is sitting in the chair.


Clooney said...

Oh Brody, we are sending you big purrs and prayers for you to continue to feel better and better and for your health...glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, keep it up, buddy.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

What a crazy family you kitties are! I am so glad that Brody is getting better. I'm sending lots of purrs his way.

Brian said...

Keep doing better Brody, we're all sending our best purrs and prayers to you.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We're glad the purrs worked and you're feeling a little better.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I am glad you are doing well Brody and I send you more purrs.
You were clever to drag the cushion under the chair Cissy.

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

You have flying food at your house??? I want to visit!!

Pee Ess: Brody, I'm glad you're doing so well!


We are so glad Brody is doing better!!!

Anonymous said...

Brody's am over the moon to learn you are getting better. And it sounds like you are all having like a ton of fun! Enjoy!

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

Hi, everyone! It's great to meet you all! What a lively bunch :) We wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog and sending your condolences for our Doc. It means a lot to us. We miss him lots!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz everee one, hope ewe R enjoyin a wild whitefish wednesday N way happee ya iz doin sew much better brody...keep up de grate werk N mor blessings oh St Francis two ewe; him haz plentee ta spare...just coz !! ♥

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We're so happy to hear Brody is better!

By the way, we love our food scattered all over the floor. Makes it taste better.

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, it sounds like there's never a dull moment there, kitties! :)

Hooray for Brody doing better!!!

Timmy Tomcat said...

We laughed reading abo
ut Cissy. Our Miss Fitz is a SCREAMER! Funny thing is she whacks like the rest and may be best. MOL. Dad has stopped telling us to STOP but he still forgets sometimes when she lets go a real yell.
Our FIV kitty, Mr Buttons, just had a dental. His started drooling so off he went to the stabby place. Dad was really surprised as he had 3 or 4 teeth fall out. I think he just has his canines now. He was not happy for a few days but now he is back to normal.
Purring for all of you
Timmy, Dad and Family