Friday, January 17, 2014

Friendly Friday

Spyro:  Mom didn't take any photos of us today because she was "busy" again.  First the tiny two-legger came over, then she left with her friend and didn't get home until nearly dark.  Our photos are half reruns and half unused pictures.  I am up on our fairly new scratcher busy scratching for treats.  One good thing about Mom being gone is that when she got home she had half a shopping bag full of treats.  Yay!  You'll never guess what Mom has for breakfast half the time.  Crunchies!  I love them.

Karen Jo:  It's Grapenuts, Spyro, and I'm amazed that you like them better dry than when I put the milk on them.

Spyro:  You don't use real milk and I don't really like it.

Karen Jo:  It's almond milk and it's good for me.
 Oja:  I am in the safe room by the heat vent.  It's toasty warm back here, which is nice because it's been cold outside.  I know because sometimes I greet Mom at the door and the cold air comes in.  I think I have mentioned that all the food in the kitchen is mine and I choose who I will share it with.  Last night at dinner and this morning at breakfast, I decided that Julius could share the canned food.  While he was eating breakfast, I sniffed his tail from the tip to his rump and gave him my seal of approval.  He is now officially no longer an orange threat.

Karen Jo:  This is amazing.  Oja has never warmed up to a new cat this fast.  It look her a couple of weeks after she came out of the safe room to make friends with Herman and Spyro.  It took months for her to make friends with Bambino.  She did make friends with Horus fairly quickly, but it was still a matter of weeks.  Rocio has been here a year and she still doesn't like him.  Julius has only been here nine days.

Oja:  You know what Mom has for breakfast some mornings?  Solid milk.  I love it and make her share.

Karen Jo:  It's called yogurt, Oja, and you are welcome to share.
 Rocio:  I am mostly in the blue cat bed by the heat vent in the living room.  It's nice and warm here, too.  I also like to play with the toggle and string from Mom's coat that you see hanging over my head.  I wish Oja would make friends with me.  At least Spyro, Bambino and Julius like me.  And Mom, of course.  When she has yummy meat or fish for dinner I stare at her until she gives me some.  I only want a bite or two and Mom always gives me what I want.  I love to lie on Mom's legs when she goes to bed.  It's comfy and warm.
 Bambino:  I'm up on the couch watching Julius play.  That boy loves all the toys and wants to play all the time he's awake.  Sometimes he curls up with me and we groom each other.  I am glad Mom got so many treats.  We were nearly out and I scratch for them a lot.
 Horus:  There is nothing better than my favorite pillow in a sun puddle for a nap.  The tiny two-legger wore me out with Da Bird this morning.  Mom got a new bird for it and it was more exciting than usual.  The tiny two-legger even petted me.  She has learned how to do it right and it feels good.  Rocio upset Oja again this morning and I had to chase him down the hall.  That boy will never learn that he can't make friends with Oja.  She has to make friends with him.
Julius:  I still won't let Mom get too close to me with the clicky box.  Oja lets me eat in the kitchen with the big kitties now.  Yay!

Karen Jo:  But your kitten food is in the safe room.

Julius:  Let Rocio eat it.  I like the big kitty food better.  Oja doesn't hiss at me any more.  She really sniffed my tail this morning, all over.  I think she might even like me now.  You will never guess where I slept for the first part of the night last night.  The Lady went to bed and Spyro followed her and she was petting him, so I jumped up on the big bed.  The Lady ignored me and just kept petting Spyro, so I snuggled up to her leg and went to sleep.  It's very comfy and warm up there.  I think I might try it again.


Summer at said...

Julius, when I was a kitten, I counted the days until I could eat grown-up cat food all the time! I never did like the kitten food. I'm glad to hear that Oja has given you her paw of approval - that is not easy to earn!

Debra Taylor said...

Wow I really enjoy the sun and almond milk - hope you enjoy your crunchies!

For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
Debby in Arizona

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Your Mommy definitely has some good foodables for breakfast! Our Mommy has to share with us, too. Prancer Pie likes when she has peanut butter on toast. Yummy!

Happy Caturday!

Fur Everywhere said...

It sounds like you are all getting along for the most part :) We are glad to see that Julius is being accepted by the other kitties and that he is feeling safe enough to wander around the house some!

Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

Fur Everywhere said...

It sounds like you are all getting along for the most part :) We are glad to see that Julius is being accepted by the other kitties and that he is feeling safe enough to wander around the house some!

Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Julius, you are coming right along!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, Oja already has accepted Julius? We're super-impressed!

BTW, our human appreciates the comments on her personal blog, and just as an FYI in case you didn't realize it, we ARE blogging from time to time on our own blog. :-)

Have a lovely weekend!

Brian said...

It sure sounds like you are settling in and winning hearts Julius!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Tat is very good that Oja likes you now Julius. You are honoured that she has decided you are not a threat.

AnnStaub said...

Well it sure is very nice for your mom to share her breakfast with you kitties!

Katnip Lounge said...

It's regular Cat Heaven there...people fuuds for breakfast, petties, and new pals! "Solid Milk" CRACKED us up...

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that Julius is adjusting well :) Oja sounds like she can be a real stinker when she wants to be. Cats are funny about their friendships. Cinco and Manna always want some of whatever I'm eating too. "Solid milk" is one of Manna's favorites :) Loved this post!