Thursday, January 16, 2014

Closer and Closer

 Spyro:  You see that green fish I am sort of lying on?  It's stuffed with silvervine and I just got a bit high on it and now I'm rolling around and playing with anything I can reach.  Mom gets these fish from Nip and Bones and they are wonderful.
 Oja:  I have stopped hiding from Julius.  I've decided that he isn't a little orange monster after all.  He mostly leaves me alone, but I still hiss at him if he gets within two feet of me.  I love hanging out on top of this scratcher.  The top is curved and fits my body perfectly.  I even scratch on it for treats sometimes.
 Rocio:  Mom took a terrible picture of me.  I show up better on the photo of Julius she posted at the Tabby Cat Club.  I am having fun with Julius, but Oja got all hissy with me again today.  I wasn't doing anything to her, honest.  Horus has stopped hissing at me, though.
 Bambino:  I am thinking about scratching for treats on our new scratcher.  Mom got it for us just before Julius arrived and it's really fun.  We tore our last inclined scratcher all to bits.  Julius and I rassled a little bit more today.
 I'm napping to catch my breath again.  Julius and I rassled this morning, then the blurp showed up.  She's been coming over more frequently.  I must say that she's more fun now.  She has gotten the hang of using the wand toy and I love it.  She is also pretty generous about giving out treats, which the other kitties really enjoy.  Even Julius came out once, but she scared him.
Julius:  See how close I let the Lady come to me with the clicky box?  I turned my head just as it clicked, so I'm a little blurry.  I have been having an exciting time.  Yesterday afternoon I actually pounced Spyro's head and we rassled until he ran away.  At night the other kitties tend to disappear and last night I decided to find out where they were going.  I walked down the hall and at the end I saw a room with a big stripy thing in it and there were Spyro, Rocio and Bambino.  I jumped up and there was the Lady, too.  That scared me a little, so I just stayed at the very end and watched for a while, then left.  I jumped up again this morning because Spyro and Bambino were there and the Lady was still there, too, so I stayed at the very end again, then left.

Karen Jo:  My bedroom is at the end of the hall and I have a striped bedspread.  I was glad that Julius jumped up on the bed.  Maybe he will get braver about getting close to me as he sees the other cats lying beside and on top of me.  I petted Julius a little today.


Summer at said...

It sounds like things are settling in really nicely with Julius! I do think he will come around to human interaction sooner than later.

Brian said...

Y'all are sure having fun, and you are doing great Julius!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Enjoy your silvervine fishy Spyro. If Julius upsets you give him a timely whap Oja. You are so brave with that flashy box Julius and now you must be extra brave and get on the big bed too.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

da tabbies o trout towne said...

julius...what yur mom kneads ta due iz put som flounder on de bed....that will get yur a ten shunz !!! hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end N stayz outta trubull...KNOT !!!

GLOGIRLY said...

Never a dull moment!!!
Julius is a cutie : ) He's doing just great too.
Happy weekend, friends!
: ) Katie & Glogirly

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Oja I am glad you have decided that Julius isn't so bad after all. Well done Julius for jumping on the bed with the others. Even though you didn't stay long, it's a start.

The Island Cats said...

It sounds like things are going okay with Julius. :)

Katnip Lounge said...

You guys have so much fun playing! Hurrah for you, Julius...peeps can be scary.