Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Food

 I have reclaimed my platform.  Emma was up here in this exact spot just a minute ago.  Mom went to get the camera and by the time she got back, I was up here and Emma was in her favorite chair. We finally got about an hour of open windows yesterday.  That's why we both wanted up here.
Emma:  Herman chased me off the platform, so I came back to my chair.  It is in the cross breeze from the living room window to the kitchen window.  I am still scratching on the furniture and Herman interrupted my scratching for a treat lesson.  Mom saw me scratching on the couch again and picked me up and put me on the base of the scratching post and moved my paws in a scratching motion and offered me a treat.  Herman butted in, trying to get the treat.  We whapped at each other and I got him on the paw, but then I jumped back up on the couch and did my scratching there.

Karen Jo:  I put the treat back in the bag.  I certainly wasn't going to give it to Herman and I couldn't give it to Emma after she scratched the couch again without giving her the wrong idea.

Mom went through with her threat to get us new healthy food.  We had almost finished the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon, so Mom put the new stuff in that bowl and put the rest of the Fancy Feast on top of it.  We have eaten up almost every morsel of the Fancy Feast and now just the new stuff is left in the bowl.  We haven't tried it yet. Now we are eating the Purina One.

Karen Jo:  Go ahead and enjoy your Purina One while you can.  When it runs out, you will have only grain free dry food.  You are eating some of the grain free kitten food, so I know that it can't taste all that bad to you. The new food has turkey, salmon and duck in it.

I guess we will try it eventually, but you not only got grain free food, you got the weight control version. Diet food, yuck!

Karen Jo:  You don't know that it's yuck; you haven't even tried it yet.  You might even like it.

I just hope that you aren't planning on messing with our Stinky Goodness or Medley.

Karen Jo:  Not for a long time yet.  I will give the grain free a couple of months at least to see if that change is enough to get the extra weight off you.  If you would play more, it might go faster.

I play enough.  I chase Emma and Emma chases me.  I just don't see the fun in jumping around after Da Bird like Emma does.

Emma: Da Bird is the most fun.  When Mom gets home, I can hardly wait for play time.


Summer at said...

Just a thought - check out 1) how Emma scratches the couch, whether it is vertical or horizontal, and 2) the kind of fabric the couch is, and try getting a scratcher that mimics all that. It looks like there might be something that she is getting out of scratching the furniture that she is not getting out of what you already have. If you can figure out what that is, it might be easier to wean her off of the furniture scratching.

Cat said...

Herman, you are like us...we give Da Bird a second glance, but won't bother ourselves to go crazy over it...I think it is a kid's toy and as we are adults it just doesn't interest us so much except for once in a while when we are in a silly mood! Purina One is what we love, but Mom doesn't give it to us often or she mixes it with the 'good' (we say 'bad') stuff with no grain...I say SHE should eat what she gives us then tell us what she likes!! haha!! Purrs Lautrec, Tiny and EllDawg-Oh

Fuzzy Tales said...

Sparkle's idea was a good one. Does Emma like to scratch horizontally or vertically? Chumley was a horizontal scratcher, and Nicki is too. Annie preferred to scratch vertically and so does Derry.

Good luck with the new food! Completely grain-free (any brand) gives Nicki diarrhea, so the mom speculates it could be the potato or some other starch they use as filler. We've managed a compromise and avoid corn, soy and wheat, though.

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Hi sweeties!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day....we love y'all!!!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Chasing each other can be fun but only if you both want to play!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Herman! Hi Emma! We are sorry about the new healthy food - mom tries to get us to eat canned stuff like that every once in a while - it usually doesn't work out well. But we do eat the grain free crunchy stuff - not all of it is good, but some of it is AWESOME - even better than the kind with grain in it. So hopefully you get that good kind and will love it - we actually prefer it to our canned sometimes even.

And Emma we are sorry you aren't quite getting the scratching thing - we wish we had some suggestions but we aren't always the best at getting it right either (though mom is just happy we don't scratch the leather couch - as long as that doesn't happen she doesn't get mad about the rest of the stuff). Hopefully you will get the scratching right soon so that you can get lots of yummy treats!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds like Sparkle's idea could make sense and hope it helps. hope the food goes down ok.. Hugs GJ xx

Brian said...

I'm always willing to try new food...I'd eat da Bird if given a chance!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi! Thanks so much for coming and wishing me a happy birthday!!!

Auntie Deb

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We know how you feel about new food. We only get diet food so we eat it of starve!