Monday, May 9, 2011

Mancat Monday

I am just being a good kitty, watching Mom crawl around on the floor with the camera, trying to get good pictures of us.  Mom, you didn't do a Mother's Day post, so we could wish you a Happy Mother's Day.  It's all we could give you, because we don't have any green papers and aren't allowed to leave the house, anyway.

Karen Jo:  You gave me a much better Mother's Day gift than you know.  Neither of you was being a cranky kitty today.  There was lots of playing, with chase and tag being the main games.  Last night you both came to bed with me and let me pet each of you with one hand, with no jealousy.  Herman, you even let me weigh you without any fuss.  The best present of all it that it looks like you have lost a pound.  I would like to take you to the vet's and use their scale to make it official on Tuesday.

I don't want to go to the vet's.

Karen Jo:  It will just be a nice ride in the stroller, into the vet's, up on the scale, and home again. I will take the stroller in empty earlier, so I can subtract that weight.

I still don't want to go.

Karen Jo:  If you have lost a pound, then you get to keep your kitten dry food, which you like.  If you haven't lost that pound, I will have to stop giving it to you.

Hmmm, a trip to the vet's doesn't sound so bad now.  That was a nice game we played tonight.

Karen Jo:  I enjoyed it, too.  I know that you don't enjoy Da Bird nearly as much as Emma does, so after I played Da Bird with her for a while, I got out your mousie wand toy and moved it back and forth between you and Emma.  Both of you took turns catching it.  Oddly enough, Emma got tired of the game before you did.  You are usually the first one to stop playing.

I think Emma got hungry or thirsty.  She headed into the kitchen. We are almost out of Stinky Goodness.

Karen Jo:  Not any more.  I brought you home 48 cans tonight.

When are you going to start eating something good for lunch again?

Karen Jo:  As soon as I find something that I want to cook.  It's about time for chicken again, unless some good beef is on special.

It sounds good to me, as long as you don't cook pot roast.


Summer at said...

I wish my human had chicken every day! I live for chicken!!!

lupie said...

Awww... so much love in the conversation!

Happy Mom's Day!!
It's everyday! Confirmed!

The Monkeys said...

We think chicken sounds like a good idea!

Herman, it's probably a good idea to take that trip to the vet just to see!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Frishly cooked chickhen is the bestest dinner isn't it Herman?
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

SeaThreePeeO said...

Good luck at the vets, Herman!

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Happy Mancat Monday, handsome Herman.....and a very happy Monday to your mom and to Emma....we send all of you our love.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Chicken every day would be great!

Katnip Lounge said...

Herman, paws crossed that you get to keep eating kitten food! We bet the games you and Emma play are keeping you both trim.

We hope Karen Jo had a nice Mother's Day; it sounds like you two were fun and lovey for her.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We hope you have lost that pound!


We hope you lost that pound so you can keep your kitty foods!

>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

Athena said...

Oh, I hope you have lost that pound so you can keep eating your kitten food! Sounds like you are doing a lot of playing, I am sure that will help.

The Island Cats said...

Herman, that would be so great if you did lose a little weight. It would make your mom happy!

The Meezers or Billy said...

sounds like it was a furry wonderful day there. we hopes that you losted a pound 'acause kitten kibble is GOOD

caspersmom said...

Herman I love the color of your tent. It is such a pretty color of green. Sure hope you lost that pound so you can get the food you like. The last time Mom and Dad had chicken it had a lot of spices on it so I didn't get any. Durn. Hope your Mom had a great Mom's Day.

Casper and Cleo

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Herman and Emma, that is so great you are playing chase, gettin on the bed together, and lettin Karen Jo pet both of you at the same time. And, Herman, all that good exercise is probly helpin you out a lot!

We love chicken mostly, so TBT buys 3 chicken thighs. He spices up and batters 2 fer hisself an one plain fer us! Ummm, good! He uses thighs because they stay moist when baked an we all appreciate THAT! Lasts both he and us 2 days.

Bijou said...

You are an expert negotiator. I will pick up some of your negotiating techiques. From your friend, Bijou

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Herman! We think that you gave your mom a great Mother's Day gift by being good kitties. And boy a pound - that would be great so you can keep your tasty crunchy foods! And I am glad you and Emma can play together well - that can be an issue at our house sometiems!

meowmeowmans said...

It sounds like you and Emma gave your mom a GREAT Mother's Day, Herman. :)

We hope the visit to the V-E-T went okay. So, what happened? Kitten food, or no kitten food?

Have a great weekend, dear friends. :)