Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Air Sunday

 I'm whiffing the fresh air.  My head is a bit blurry because I kept moving it all around to get in all the new smells coming in the open window.  It was warm enough for open windows as soon as Mom got up this morning and we got to keep them open until Mom went to work.
Emma:  I am watching a birdie take a bath.

Karen Jo:  Sorry it's such a long shot.  This is my third attempt to take this picture today. Every time Emma saw me coming toward her, she jumped down.  I would back away from her and she would jump back up.  I finally ended up taking the picture from across the room. She was absolutely fascinated by a bird having a really good time in the bird bath, which I had just filled.  I opened windows in the kitchen, living room and my bedroom, which gives a nice breeze through the house.  I closed them when I went to work because the weather had been so cold lately, I was afraid it would get too cold by the time I got home.  After I got to work, I realized that I hadn't turned the heat back up, but I needn't have worried.  The house was 80 degrees inside when I got home.  We have an open window in my bedroom and the back door open, with the screen door securely latched.  I will leave them open until it gets too cold.  It's down to 60 outside, so I will have to close up before I go to bed.

We were good kitties today, with no spats, though Emma almost pounced me tonight.

Emma:  I was up on the couch and ran to my favorite chair when I saw Herman relaxing near it.  I came within and inch of pouncing right on his head, but thought better of it at the last minute and put on the brakes.

Karen Jo:  I could tell that if Emma had pounced that it was going to be a play pounce.  Herman barely reacted.

I was too hot to react much.  80 degrees is way to hot for me to feel up to doing much at all.  Emma was still running around, but her coat isn't nearly as thick as mine.  I was really glad when Mom got home and left the back door open and opened her window to get a little breeze going.  I will be really glad when we get to have open windows while Mom is at work, so it doesn't get so hot in here.

Karen Jo:  That should be soon, if the weather stays warm.  I just worry that if I leave the windows open and the temperature really drops, you will be two very cold kitties when I get home.

I haven't gotten cold since my fur grew back in after I had my chest shaved last year.  Emma might feel it, though.

Emma:  I could always snuggle up to you to keep warm.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do that, though, if Mom weren't around.  It seems we can only snuggle up next to each other when we are also snuggled up next to Mom.

Karen Jo:  Give it time.  I think the two of you are eventually going to be very affectionate toward each other.


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

Herman ans Emma, ya are gettin along so well an we are glad ta hear it! Keep it up.

Summer at said...

I am sure that by the time the weather starts to cool down in the fall, you two will be snuggling together very nicely!

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Happy Sunday sweeties.......xxxxxxx

Katnip Lounge said...

Emma, we love watching birdies too! We have a small bird bath outside the Catio. Do you talk to the birds? We chitter like mad!
We think it's neat you two are snuggling at night, you're getting to be quite the family.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Yes I think you two basically like each other. Now Ichiro and I... sigh.

Athena said...

It sounds like you keep getting along better and better! You'll be snuggling in no time.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Having open windows makes Sunday so nice!

Ellen Whyte said...

You two are already nice, we know you're going to be best pals.

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Herman! Hi Emma! Hi Karen Jo! Wow that is warm for daytime to get so chilly at night - but that is good because it helps the house be cooler to start off with. We don't do a lot of window opening - our mom hates heat so she like the air conditioner. And we think if it did get cold that you would both want to snuggle - that is the kind of thing to make you a lot braver!

meowmeowmans said...

You two are getting along better and better all the time. We love it!

Anonymous said...

you has a birdie baff? MOMMEHHHH!!!