Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oja's Vet Visit

 I'm in the kitchen, looking disgruntled.  That little Oja wants to be Alpha cat and I have had just about enough of it.  Spyro and I hang out mostly in the living room and kitchen since she came out of her room to stay.  She won't let us sleep with Mom and I don't like it.  We don't even go wake Mom up in the morning for breakfast because she is in there and causes trouble.
Spyro:  I am reading the newspaper for Mom.  Mom reads the newspaper while she eats breakfast and lunch, but I would much rather that she paid attention to me, so here I am.  Pet me!  I wanna go outside!  We didn't get to go out yesterday.

Karen Jo: I'm sorry Spyro.  I sat down to read for just a little bit, then I was going to take you out, but I fell asleep.  When I woke up, it was raining, then it got to be too late.  I don't want to take you out while the noisy men are working.  If it isn't raining when they finally stop today, I will take you out.

Spyro:  The noisy men won't bother me.  Just take me out to the back yard.

Karen Jo:  I will take that under consideration.
Oja:  Here I am in my room again.  I hid when Mom was taking pictures, so she had to wait until I came out for a bite to eat.  It's dark because it was getting late when I finally came out.  I still nap in my hidey-hole in my room sometimes.  Mean Mom took me to the vet yesterday.  I got weighed and had something stuck where it didn't belong and my teeth looked at and then I got stabbed.  I don't like the vet.

Karen Jo:  You needed to go in for your booster.  When you were dumped at the shelter, they had no way of knowing if you ever got your kitten shots, so they started the series and didn't quite finish.  I was late getting you in, but they said I could still get you your booster.  You will be happy to know that you are very healthy.  You have gained 2 1/2 pounds.  The vet said you were getting fat, but weren't too fat yet.

Oja:  I didn't have much to do in my room but eat and sleep.

Karen Jo:  And play with your toys.  I saw you playing with your turbo track last night.

Oja:  Those mancats are getting mean.  Herman took a swipe at me and Spyro chased me today.

Karen Jo:  I think they are getting tired of your hissing and growling and charging them.  I am their Mom, as well as yours and you need to learn to share.

Oja:  What is "share"? Guess what?  I found out that there is food in the kitchen, as well as in my room.  I ate some of it, but Mom seemed to get unhappy about that.

Karen Jo:  The boys don't go into your room and eat your food, so I don't think you should eat theirs.

Oja:  I won't let them eat my food.  I didn't see anycat objecting when I was eating theirs.

Karen Jo:  Spyro didn't look to happy about it, but he was still leery of you.  I was actually glad to see him chasing you today.  I knew he wouldn't hurt you, as you ran straight into Emma's old hidey-hole in my room, between the TV stand and my dresser.  He can't fit in there and if you get much fatter, you won't fit, either.

Oja:  Now you're being mean.  I am not eating as much now that I am out of my room.  I have more to do and I'm doing it.


Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Oja, you need to learn to share with the boys!

Brian said...

Remember Oja, give the boys a chance and no hissy noises on your part!

The Florida Furkids said...

Learning to share is hard but it will be worth it eventually.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Oui Oui said...

Uh oh! We think Oja and our Mica Minnie Moo are kindred spirits. So much of this is still happening at our house, except MMM has definitely gotten fat!

The Island Cats said...

Herman and Spyro, we have a sister that thinks she is the alpha we sympathize with you.

Oja, we're glad your vet visit went well.

Summer at said...

Oja, you are a dark smoky gray, but I am wondering if you have some tortie blood running through your veins!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

How dare she call you fat!!!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Oja, our mom says you're a if that's not a good thing.

We surely hope you all achieve peaceful co-existence!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oja remember to smile nicely for those man cats and you'll soon be getting them to do your bidding!!
Luv Hanah and Lucy xx xx

Katie Isabella said...

Oja..there are ways to get along..listen to your mom...xoxox

Forty Paws said...

Concatulations on your Ham-Mick win! Would you please send your address to
fortypawsATsbcglobalDOTnet please? I know that we had it from before, but Maw can't find it.

Luf, Dorfie

~E said...

Whiskers says hissing is good. Yep she did that to Kitty as a kitten. ;)

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Oja reminds me of Kangaroo Girl when she got here. Right away she acted like she owned the place and harassed and harangued poor Eddie and me. Took her ages to quit doing that.


Oh we are sure you three will work it all out.


meowmeowmans said...

We are glad you are out of your room now, Oja. But we do hope that you will give Herman and Spyro a chance ... they really are nice boys!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Concats on making it through your V*T visit, Oja. But you really need to be a little nicer to the other kitties. Playing with another kittie can be great fun.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We like readin the newspaper ta TBT too.

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful Oja!! AWwwwww you were very brave at the vets! Well done you!! Me and Charlie hope you get more extra treats in your very won bowl! :-)

Awww lovely Herman!! Awww!! We hope you and Oja become bestest buds soon! You already enjoy a game of chase n hiss!! So that's good, no?!? Yay!!

Sweet Spyro!! Did you get to go outside? Awww what fun!! Take care

Marg said...

Oja, you need to be nicer to Herman. He is pretty special to all of us.

Herman, can you give your Mom a message for me. I wrote her an email about her winning the ham-mick in the Auction for Annie and haven't heard from her about paying for it. Our email is Just ask her to drop us an email.
Take care.