Friday, July 6, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

 It's hard to find a place to relax in this messy living room.

Karen Jo:  I am saving some boxes for a friend who is moving, but I think I better move the boxes to the forbidden room because there is just too much clutter.

Mom went to the pet supply store yesterday and she bought harnesses for both me and Oja.  I didn't fight my harness at all.  I didn't slink along on my belly, either.

Karen Jo:  You took to your harness like you had worn one before.  That is quite possible, of course.  I didn't take any pictures of you outside because I had my hands full with both you and Spyro out at the same time.  You both got to go out together again today.

I got more outside time today than Spyro did.  Mom took me out first, thinking she could just take us out one at a time.  I refused to budge from the screen door until she went and got Spyro.  I couldn't stand his crying.

Karen Jo:  I hooked your leash to the mailbox and went inside to get Spyro.  Then you wanted to go in different directions and kept my arms stretched out almost all the time.

That was funny.  It was also funny watching Spyro slink along on his belly.  Then you took Spyro inside because all he wanted to do was loll around in the driveway and took me to the backyard.  That was awesome.  I chewed on the grass and inspected a gopher hole and walked almost the whole length of the back yard before you picked me up and took me back inside.
Spyro:  I don't have any problem finding a place to relax in the living room.  I just take Herman's ham-mick  It's not fair that Herman got more outside time than I did.  I chewed on the grass a little, too.  I slink along because I'm not used to my harness yet, but I still love going outside.  Lolling in the driveway is fun.

Karen Jo:  I will take you out first tomorrow.  I still think it would be best to take you out one at a time, so you can each do what you want.  It would be easier on my arms, too.
Oja:  I am up on my blankie on the bookshelf by the window.  I am getting more adventurous, too.

Karen Jo: You sure chased Herman off last night.

Oja:  You left the door open to come in and give me my good-night petting and Herman came in to inspect my food dish.  I charged him and he left quickly.

Karen Jo:  You came out of your room three times today, too.  I left your door open when I went to get your lunch you went into my bedroom.  You came running back for your lunch, though.

Oja:  I was hungry.  I came out again when you left the door open  to get my fresh water and scoop the litter boxes, too.  I saw you coming with my water and ran back to my room, but left again when you left.  Then there was some excitement.  Spyro sneaked in again while I was gone.

Karen Jo:  I was surprised when I came in to scoop your litter box to find Spyro in your room and you gone.  I was finished with your box before you came back.  You chased Spyro right out of your room again.  I am beginning to think that you are not afraid of Herman and Spyro, you just don't like them.

Oja:  Bingo!  You finally figured out that I will play with toys, if they are new and don't have mancat stink on them.

Karen Jo:  That's right.  I got you a tin of Yeow Stinky Sardines (catnip) yesterday and put one out and I couldn't even find it today, so I put out another one.

Karen Jo:  Now I want some advice.  I worry about Oja's quality of life.  She has been in that room by herself for a month and is just now starting to explore a bit.  I got her a harness, too, but wonder if she would even like to go outside.  I don't want to do anything that would scare her, but I also want to give her more things to do.  What do you think about seeing if Oja will accept a harness and go outside?


Katnip Lounge said...

I might let Oja wear the harness to get used to it, and take her out as she explores the house a little more. Does she express interest in "outside" from the windows? Some kitties are simply happy being indoors only. It sounds like she's learning to hold her own with the boys, I say slow and steady for integration.

meowmeowmans said...

I agree with Trish. Oja may be fine with just looking out the window (our boys are that way). But by all means try letting her wear the harness to see if she's comfortable with it, and go from there. :)

Summer at said...

I agree with the others. Oja sounds like a kitty who takes her time adjusting to things (although she clearly knows her own mind too!), so go slow with her.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I don't like outside at all and neither does Ichiro--in fact, he pulled out of his harness to go running inside!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

I think Oja is doing just fine getting to know the boys slowly.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We have to agree too. Slow and steady. Sounds like she is doin well and any kitteh that lives at your house is lucky and has a great quality of life cuz you're a great Mom.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We can't add any further advice, Trish said it all.

But we sure think it's great Herman and Spyro are getting out. One at a time definitely would be easier on human arms, though. LOL.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Good that you both get to go out. Do you guys come when called? MoMo did and she never needed a harness. Probably a little risky....

Marg said...

First, we think it is great that you are taking Herman and Spyro outside. That is so good for them. I think I would just slowly see if Oja adjusts to the boys and maybe move around the house a little more. She may be very happy just staying in like everyone else said.I have a cat here who stays in one room because like Oja, she does not either like other cats or she is afraid of them. Just take your time.

TabbyNormal said...

Wow! We wish our Mum would do the same for us. She says she is afraid we would squirm loose and the bears would get us. What do you think?

Brian said...

That is terrific you got to go out too Herman. Sounds like Mom needed a helmet cam so we could see!

Moki The Wobbly Cat said...

Moki wobbles up and gives Karen Jo a big huge (((hug))) Hello Karen Jo, it's been awhile and I've missed you! The mommy got really bogged down with school and tried to blog but we just couldn't keep up. Now that the mommy only has only class left to go we is back and I am super excited to be able to check in with all my blogging friends once again!!!


Please give Oja and Spyro a biggie hug from me and tell them that the harnesses aren't so bads. They just take a little getting use to's.


Moki The Wobbly Cat

I is blogging no longer blogging from my savemoki blog. I has a new site...

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We have at least a squillion unused boxes in the attic if someone wants to come by and pick them up...

Old Kitty said...

Amazing Herman! Yay for taking to the harness like a pro!! Glad you had a great time exploring!!

Awww sweet Spyro! Yay for just wanting to loll around and enjoy the hammick!

Gorgeous Oja!!! Me and Charlie hope you enjoy going out soon too! Relax and enjoy!

Take care