Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Where We Eat

Thank all of you for your kind words on Maddie's Farewell post.  I put away a set of food bowls this morning, so I thought that I would talk about that.  I am going to take photos of the kitties when I can.  The kitties who allow their pictures to be taken will have them published.  On to the kitties!
Rocio:  I love to hang out in the laundry basket.  Mom is too lazy to put her undies away, so I always have a nice nest here.  I usually don't eat wet food, but when I do, I chose one of the bowls in the kitchen.
Karen Jo:  Gandalf, you remind me of Herman when you lie in the sun like that.

Gandalf:  Cool.  I love lying in the sun up here on the table, especially since Mom cleared off all the papers.  I have my own bowl, but I don't always eat from it.  I tend to munch around.  Maddie always used to beat me to my bowl.  Clancy and I get premium food and Maddie liked it, too.  Some days, I prefer the Fancy Feast and let some other cat eat mine.

Karen Jo:  That's most days now.  The food in your bowl usually does get eaten.
Clancy:  This is my dry food bowl.  Mom put out 8 wet and 8 dry food bowls for us.  The dry food bowl isn't on the placemat any more because if I don't like, or I'm finished with, the wet food, I flip the mat over the bowl and the dry food used to go flying.

Karen Jo:  You used to make quite the mess.

Cricket:  This is Chevelle's placemat that I'm standing in front of.  Mine is in the background.  I finish Chevelle's food for her most days.  Chevelle and I get Fussie Cat wet food because when I came Mom was told that was all I would eat.  We really like it.  I'm too thin, so I get a whole can all to myself for breakfast and dinner.  The other cats only get half a can.
Chevelle:  For some reason, I like to hang around litter boxes.  I am often lying next to a litter box when I'm not playing.  I eat in the safe room with Chevelle.  Mom started giving me Fussie Cat, too, because I ate out of Chevelle's bowl as soon as I got here.  It's good, but sometimes I go around and check out what the other kitties are eating.  I like to eat out of Clancy's bowl.

Clancy:  She's the only cat who can get away with that, unless I have buried it.

Tabitha:  I love sun puddles.  I had my head down and my eyes closed until I heard Mom sneaking up on me.  I always eat in the computer room.  There are two bowls in there and I always get one of them.  Sometimes Bambino eats with me and sometimes Gandalf does.

Bambino:  There are still two food bowls where Herman's original buffet was.  Maddie always ate there.  I alternate between eating there and in the computer room with Tabitha.  I was hiding at picture taking time.

Julius:  Since I am scared of Clancy, I come out to eat while he is napping mid-morning and in the middle of the night.  I used to frequent the bowl that Mom put away.  I roam around and eat out of any bowl that still has food in it.  We all eat the dry food.  We have a variety to choose from: Blue Indoor Health is our favorite, but we also have Go at the moment (Mom changes flavors whenever we run out) and there is Solid Gold in the safe room, as it is formulated for both kittens and adult cats.                                                  


Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Hi, you all! Sounds like a heavenly banquet at your place. But Clancy, you sound like a real imp with that dry food!

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Wow, the food situation sure is complicated at your place!

World of Animals, Inc. said...

We just love all the different ways you all enjoy parts of the house. Sun puddles are favorite around here also. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. Have a great day.
World of Animals