Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cissy's Vet Visit

Cissy: Mom made me go to the vet today, just because she found a little diarrhea on the kitchen floor.

Karen Jo: Any time I see something amiss with one of my FeLV+ kitties they go to the vet.  I'm really glad that  you are using your new litter box.

Cissy:  It's in the kitchen.  It's just my size and it's full of pretty crystals.  What's not to like?

Karen Jo: It turns out that you probably have stress-induced colitis.  It should go away in a few days.  To help it go away I'm spraying the calming spray on the seats of the chairs near your special spot.
Spyro: All these kitty politics give me a headache.  I'm just going to hang around on the smaller cat tree.
Oja:  And I suppose you are trying to blame me for Cissy's colitis?

Karen Jo:  You are the one giving her the most problems.  The vet surmised that you see her as a threat to your stature as Alpha cat.

Oja:  It's about time someone figured out that I am the Alpha around here.  How could that pint-sized house panther be a threat to me?

Karen Jo:  I figured it out that day you beat up Horus.  If she's no threat, will you please let her be?  She's terrified of you.

Oja:  She should be.  So should all the kitties in the house.
Rocio:  Ho-hum, politics again.  Think I'll take a nap.  It's been quite a while since I scared Cissy.

Karen Jo:  I would be really happy if you never did it again.

Bambino:  While Spyro is napping on top of the smaller cat tree, I grabbed the top of the tall cat tree.  I stay out of the politics around here.
Horus:  I am lying next to Cissy's new litter box.  Mom was clever.  She bought one that 's uncomfortably small for us bigger cats, including Oja.

Karen Jo:  I have a question.  Cissy's got diarrhea, so who left the pile on the blue rug by the door?

Horus:  Um, I don't know.  Maybe Cissy doesn't have diarrhea all the time.

Karen Jo:  It was an awfully big pile for Cissy.

Horus:  You don't take me out often enough.  I want out on my leash and harness every day.
Julius:  Know what?  Tabitha is really fun to play with.  She even knows how to rassle!
Brody: I am holding my own.  I don't seem any better or worse today.  Mom is always taking a picture of my shaved spots.

Karen Jo:  You always lie with your shaved spots up, so I don't have a choice if I take a picture of you lying down.
Tabitha:  I am finally brave enough to lie down without hiding first.  Mom got a decent photo of me at last.  She had to take it from a distance or I start moving all around again.  You can click on the photo to biggify it.  I don't think Oja likes me, either.  She hisses at me whenever she sees me.

Karen Jo:  Don't worry, Tabitha.  Oja does that to all new cats for at least two weeks.


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Aww, purring for you guys that the kitty politics die down soon...

meowmeowmans said...

We sure hope you get better soon, Cissy. And we're purring for a politically-free zone!

Summer at said...

Tabitha, Binga and Boodie are still hissing at me sometimes too! Although it is getting less and less. I agree about the kitty politics - I don't like them at all! I hope things calm down over there, especially for Cissy.

Marilia said...

Purring for the best, to Cissy and to politically-free zone!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Brian said...

We are glad you are okay sweet Cissy. Hugs to you dear Brody.


We hope Cissy feels more comfortable and that everyone gets along. We know how that is with multiple kitties.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Uh oh, politics is never fun.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope you will soon be feeling great again Cissy.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Just Mags said...

We hope all calms down and smooths out there soon and everyone will be just one happy, comfy family.

Thank you so much for thinking of us during this sad time of having to say goodbye to our sweet Patches.

Hugs and nose kisses