Saturday, June 18, 2011


 I'm just taking it easy in the living room.  Mom calls this my classic Herman position.
Emma: I am taking a nap on Mom's bed.  Mom has been a bad blogger again.  I even missed
Femme Friday again.

Karen Jo:  I am sorry, but things just haven't been going well for blogging.  I could have made a Thursday post, if a certain tuxie girl hadn't stolen my glasses.

Emma:  I don't know what you are talking about.

Karen Jo:  I was very sleepy and all tucked up in bed when I took off my glasses Tuesday night.  I reached up to put them on top of the bedstead bookcase, but I fumbled them and they fell down.  I thought I would just pick them up off the floor in the morning.  Come Wednesday morning, I couldn't find my glasses anywhere.  They weren't beside the bed, where I expected them to be.  They weren't under the bed.  They weren't behind the rocking chair.  I nearly went crazy trying to find them, but finally had to go to work wearing my old glasses.  When I got home, I started all over again trying to find them, with no luck.  I was thinking about stripping the bed and taking the mattress and box springs off the frame, thinking that they had gotten into some crevice under the bed that I couldn't see from the side.  I decided to lie across the bed and look under the bed from the opposite side with the flashlight to see if a different perspective would help.  When I looked down, there were my glasses, in your hidey-hole.

Emma:  I found them on the floor.  Anything on the floor is a toy.

Karen Jo:  That's a good excuse.  After I finally found them, it was too late to blog and I was too tired, anyway.  I have been too tired to water the lawn after work, too.  The poor grass is in terrible shape. At least the roses have gotten enough water to bloom.  If you are wondering why I don't just water the grass on my days off, it's because we are in severe drought conditions and the county has imposed watering restrictions. The days I am allowed to water don't coincide with my time off.

Emma:  Mom says that I should reassure my friends that I get in my whaps at Herman, too.  I love to lie in my chair and wait for Herman to go by.  I give him a whap in the middle of his back before he suspects that anything is up. Tonight he was playing ball with Mom and I pounced his tail.  He whipped around, but I was out of reach.

Karen Jo:  Herman and Emma have both gotten used to the new dry foods.  I have seen both of them eating all three of their choices. Emma barfed a bit of the duck and pea the other day.  It is those little round disks that cause the problem.  They are small enough to swallow without getting chewed up, then they absorb moisture and expand, then come up again. The Now food is in tiny round pieces that can also be swallowed without being chewed up, but they are small enough not to cause a problem when they absorb moisture.

Emma:  I have stopped running to see what Mom is putting in the dry food dishes.  I know that it's just going to be the same boring stuff day after day.

Karen Jo:  If Herman loses the weight he needs to, I can get you different flavors of Now.  At present, it's just going to be the weight control formula and the kitten food.  Unfortunately, they are both the same flavor.

Mom froze the rest of the turkey, so no more turkey bites for me.  I don't know what she's going to cook next.

Karen Jo:  I don't know, either.  I think I will eat out of the freezer for a while. There's still chicken in there.

You haven't cooked lamb in a long time.

Karen Jo:  I won't be cooking it again, unless there is a good sale.  The price has gone up out of my range.  I am afraid there is going to be a lot more pot roast around here.

Herman and Emma:  YUCK!


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Herman, Rumblemum is so happy to see you looking so plump and healthy.

Fuzzy Tales said...

It's nice to see you both! Emma, we laughed about the glasses-- you're right, anything lying around (floor or not) is fair game! :-D

We hope your mom feels a bit perkier soon. Does she take any vitamins? B-complex? Has she had her thyroid checked or her iron levels? Just concerned....

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh dear you two made us have a fit of the giggles with your YUCK - it's like when mum forgets what we had to eat last and gives us the same food again! We also must admit we did laugh about Emma and your mum's glasses.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Jacqueline said...

Adorable photos; glad you both seem to be doing so well...Hope you guys enjoy a fun weekend together and get some tasty freezer food soon, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sweet Purrfections said...

Just dropping by to say hello.

Mom Paula

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh man. Glasses are fun but if we try and knock them off the table we get kicked out of the bedroom.

Summer at said...

The food here can get pretty boring too. I don't understand why my human doesn't just give me roast chicken and grilled salmon every day.

Katnip Lounge said...

We do the "Classic Herman" all the time! Now we know what it's called.
Emma, you are so funny, stealing your Mom's glasses...and we agree the floor is fair game.
Sylvester says he's be quite happy to share pot roast with your Mom, he's quite the Beef Cat.

Athena said...

I agree wif you Emma, anything on the floor is fair game! Sometimes I like to push things off tables to help things along, too.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Emma, we would make a great pair! I likes to push things off the table, and then you could hide them. Mebbe your mom could cook you some chick-hen real soon, but pot roast sounds good to me. Purrs

The Island Cats said...

Haha! Emma, we wonder what else might be hiding in your hidey hole!!

Ellen Whyte said...

Emma, you're really settling in girl. We're happy to read this.