Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mom's All Well

Here I am in my round bed by the heat vent.  This is where I usually sleep during the daytime, especially if there isn't a nice sunspot somewhere.  My Mom got all over her cold, but getting rid of the last of it made her really tired, so she wouldn't blog for me for a couple of days.  She is all better now and we have been getting in a lot of good play time.

Here are all my toys in my new toy bucket.  Also my Mom's big feet.  Mom noticed that I wasn't playing much and would only pay attention to a toy for a very little time with the toys spread out all over the floor.  She put all my toys in this bucket and only got out one to three at a time and now I am playing all over the place.  She tips it over on its side for me when she goes to work or to sleep, so I can pull out the toys I want.  I can fish out the soft toys with it upright, but I couldn't get my little plastic balls out and they are my favorite.  Mom hunted and hunted and only found three of the plastic balls that I hid, so she got me four more.  We will see how long they last.  Tuesday Mom let a strange lady into the house.  She had these scary metal things and one of  her legs was in some kind of shell.  I was a bit afraid of her at first, but when she sat down and put down those metal things, I came over to see her.  She gave me some nice scritches and some treats, so I think she's OK.  I tried to bite her toes, but I couldn't quite get to them in the shell.  When she got those metal things to stand up, I hid under the couch and didn't come out until she was gone again.  We ran out of turkey, so I am getting chicken for my lunch treat again.  I am eating more.  I am eating my Stinky Goodness right up almost as soon as Mom gives it to me.  She doesn't want me to get hungry, I am getting two whole cans today.  I will get the second half of the second can at bedtime.  I like it here.


Parker said...

You have such a great home! I love your bucket of toys!

The Island Cats said...

We're glad your mom is better! And look at all those toys!! You hit the jackpot!

The Monkeys said...

You really have it made, Herman! Sounds like things are going perfectly.

We're glad your Mom's cold is gone!

The Devil Dog said...

Of course you like it there, you are (no offense) spoiled! Which as a cat, you should be. You are spoiled with love and food. I can't think of any two things better to be spoiled with. (I am spoiled too, just so you know.) We love reading about you every day, Herman, and we are so happy you are bringing Karen Jo so much love and happiness, and vice versa.


The Meezers or Billy said...

oh Herman, you have a really really GREAT forefur home! and the bestest mommy!

One Cats Nip said...

Herman I'm so happy for you! You deserve every bit of what your getting!

GLOGIRLY said...

Herman, you are living large! We are so happy that you and Karen Jo have found each other. It's no surprise that you love each other to pieces. We're happy that you're happy.

(Glogirly's cat)

Daisy said...

That is a very nice toybucket you have! We have a square toybox and at night most of the toys go in there. Then Harley rummages through everything and makes a mess.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Mom puts all our toys on the bottom shelf of the cat tree. Then we pull them all off every day! You are a very lucky kitty to get to eat all you want. We are still dieting!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Dat's a grate place fur yur toys to sleep! Dey can't escape an hide frum you like da plastic balls has.

I has a strong memery of da kitchen step-stool fallin on me, so whenefur anyone reaches fur it, I's GONE. I also learned not to sit beneaf da cupboards if Mom's reachin up hi. You is smart to stay away frum them metal fings cuz dey mite fall on you.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! You are lucky to have so many toys and all in one spot too.

L. Alida said...

If any kitty deserves a bucket of toys it's you Herman. You are so sweet! Everytime I think of you and your Mommy I feel so happy inside!
I'm glad her cold is going away. I haven't been blogging much either and my kitties miss visiting their kitty friends. My 4 say Hi Herman!
I hope you have a really happy evening with Mommy Karen Jo.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

You are so lucky to have a furrefer home with lots of toys (and your own bucket) and lots of good food. And of course a good mom who spoils you and loves you as you deserve!
Glad she feels better.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad your mum is better now. That is a nice bucket for your toys.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We are so glad you and Mom are gettin along so well! Thats a nice toy bucket ya got, too... In fact, ya reminded The Big Thing that he should put alla OUR toys back in the box and give us a couple different ones each day. It DOES get a little boring seeing all of them all of the time.

Oh, an we are glad Mom is feeling better!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

hey, that is a niiiiice box of toys.
Be sure to empty it out daily and toss the toys around. Then make mom clean it up.
Happy Friday and stay healthy, both of you!!