Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Vet Visit and Food

Cricket:  Stupid Mom had the camera on the wrong setting, so most of the photos are fuzzy.  Mom scared the heck out of me last Friday.  I say her put Bambino in a PTU and take him outside and he never came back.  I thought that she had turned evil and was getting rid of us kitties.  When she got out a PTU and came for me, I ran and hid and fought back like fury.

Karen Jo:  I just wanted to take you to the vet to see what was wrong with your eye.

Cricket:  I didn't know that.  I fought with everything I had, but Mom finally caught me and scruffed me and dumped me in the PTU.

Karen Jo:  I hated to scruff you, but you got me good and it was the only way to handle you.  The vet found blood on your fur and I had to tell her that it was mine.

Cricket:  I was terrified.  I even peed in the PTU.  When we got to the vet, I wouldn't come out.  They had to reach in and grab me.  Then one of them held me still and the other one messed around with my eye for the longest time.

Karen Jo: It turned out that you had something tiny in your eye, caught between your inner eyelid and your eyeball.  It took three tries to get it out.  Then the nice vet lady showed me how to put medicine in your eye.

Cricket:  Ha!  As if I would let you mess with my eye after all that.

Karen Jo:  Luckily your eye is getting better without the medicine.  It looks almost normal again this morning.

Julius:  I'm laughing my little butt off.  The other cats told me about Mom's plot to catch me and put me in a PTU.  The very next night, I started coming out of hiding and showing Mom that my eye was  back to normal again.  I got whatever was in my eye out all by myself.
Clancy:  Mom went to Pet Pangaea and bought us our monthly supply of premium cat food.  We had all been eating Fancy Feast for a couple of weeks.  Here are some photos of our reactions.
Clancy:  Gandalf and I got Instinct Salmon.  I not only buried it, I flipped it over.  Mom saw me to it and rescued it before it all fell out on the carpet.  She was nice enough to rebury it.
Cricket:  Mom gave Chevelle and me Fussie Cat Tuna and Prawns.  I buried it.  You can just see my tail behind the grey box.
Chevelle:  I waited for the Fancy Feast to come out and ate it.
Gandalf:  I decided to ignore the whole thing and play House Panther in the living room.
Rocio: I couldn't be bothered to get out of my comfy spot in the laundry basket.

Karen Jo:  What am I going to do with you kitties?

All the kitties:  Feed us and love us and take good care of us.


Summer at said...

MOL! You guys are a pawful!

Katie Isabella said...

Man, you guys ARE a pawfull!!!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Our little princess is a food snob too. Some cats just can't be pleased!

pilch92 said...

I am glad your eye is OK. I hope your mom is OK too.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

happee bee lated heartz day oh lovez guyz....N yur fishez in dishez soundz grate :) ♥♥♥