Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Big Fight

Karen Jo: Another old photo of Bambino from when he was happy here.  I do miss Bambino, but not as much as I thought I would.  I guess I have been in mourning for the happy Bambino since Clancy came and I'm mostly used to it by now.  I miss him every time I feed the cats and don't see his face.  I miss him every time I give out treats and wonder where he is.  I miss the way he  used to jump up on the bed and walk up to my face and tickle my cheeks with his whiskers in the middle of the night when he wanted a petting session.

I also want to explain what is likely to be my blogging schedule.  I can only blog when I get up early enough to get some stuff done, so I have time to blog.  I have trouble getting up early in the morning in the winter, so that's why I have been missing for a month.  I will only be able to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and the occasional Saturday.  I have lots to do on the other days.  Events I describe here may or may not have just happened.  I won't bring up stuff from the way past, but from the last few days or a week ago.  Today's post is an example.  The events described between Rocio and Gandalf happened about a week ago.  Now on with the kitties.

Karen Jo: Gandalf, I found a pile of your fur on the kitchen floor.  What happened?

Gandalf: Um, well, I sort of got into a fight in the middle of the night.

Karen Jo: Rocio, do you know how Gandalf's fur got on the kitchen floor?

Rocio:  Darn tootin'! I beat up Gandalf.

Karen Jo:  Why?

Rocio: Just because he's best friends with Clancy, Gandalf has been giving himself airs and thinks he can lord it over the rest of us cats.  I'm not going to put up with it.  Though I'm not keen on it, I acknowledge Clancy as Top Cat because he PROVED that he's the toughest, baddest cat in the house.  However, I'm not going to take any crap from Gandalf.

Gandalf:  Hey, Clancy made me his lieutenant and I was in the running for Top Cat before he came.

Rocio:  There were three of us in the running for Top Cat: you, me and Bambino.  You were the first one eliminated.  Then when Clancy started taking over, you ran away for three weeks, leaving just me and Bambino to sort it out with him.  When you came back, you immediately started sucking up to him.

Gandalf:  I wasn't sucking up.  I came back, took in the situation and decided that the best way forward was to make friends with Clancy, something the rest of you hadn't bothered to do.

Rocio:  You weren't around to see how mean he was to me while he was taking over.  We aren't buds, but I tolerate him now.  He really has mellowed out now.

Karen Jo:  Is everything all right between the two of you now?

Rocio:  Sure.  Gandalf leaves me alone now.

Gandalf: Everything's fine.  I thought that Rocio would be a push-over because he's such a lazy lard-bucket.  I was wrong.

Rocio:  Ha!  I may be fat, but there's a lot of muscle underneath.  I can jump almost as high as  you can with the extra weight.

Julius:  Guess what?  Mom actually got a photo of me.  Now that things aren't so tense around here, I'm hanging out in the open more now.  This is as close as I will let Mom get while she's looking at me.  She started to take another step and I tensed up, so she backed off.  This cat tree is new to us since Mom stopped blogging before.  I like it. I can sit or lie up here and no cat can sneak up on me.


Summer at said...

It sounds like the hierarchy at your house can get a little complicated.

Karen Jo said...

It can, Summer. I think Gandalf got the message, though.

Mickey's Musings said...

We wish Bambino well in his new home :)
Life is always complicated when there are lots of cats.
We only do posts twice a week as mum finds that is about all she can manage for now.
Have a great day kitties!

Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

You boy cats are be in' silly


We have a hierarchy here too. Since Abby left us Boo has kinda taken over her 'queenly' role. No one messes with Boo!

Jans Funny Farm said...

We're glad Bambino is happy again. It's a shame when two cats don't get along. Percy and Micah don't like each other. :(

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sounds like they are sorting the new hierarchy out. Even if they are never best buds, at least they will tolerate each other.

Katie Isabella said...

what a pleasure to see you all blogging. I subscribed. Admiral is still subscribed but she's flown away now. So now mommy said I should be subscribed. XXX.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

You blog when you want to. Peace to all of you.

World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for the share. We hope you boys didn't cause too much noise when having a little late night playtime. Have a fantastic upcoming weekend.
World of Animals