Saturday, October 15, 2011


 I am just lounging around with my toys.  I have been doing a lot of this lately.  Mom is a very bad blogger.

Karen Jo:  Yes, I am and I really apologize.  My allergies have been very bad lately and it's very hard to type and cough at the same time.  I really will try to do better.
Mom took a bad picture of me, but posted it anyway.  I let her get close to me with the camera and I guess she didn't want to miss the opportunity.

Karen Jo:  Emma is up on her shelf right below the window sill and the light is coming in right at the camera.  I really must resist trying to take pictures of her up there.

Not much has been going on around here.  Mom has been either goofing off or cleaning, neither of which interests us much, except that she goofs off lying down quite a bit and we love to cuddle with her.

Emma:  I found a way to get Mom all to myself.  I am becoming a lap cat.  I sat on her lap for an hour the other day and it was bliss.  I got petted the whole time and Herman couldn't do anything about it.

I sat at Mom's feet and glared at Emma for a while, but she didn't run away like she usually does when I glare at her.  I guess she knew that Mom would protect her from me.

Karen Jo:  That's right, Herman.  Emma deserves her petting time as much as you do and you have been hogging bedtime.

It's not my fault that I always beat her to the bed.  She's just too slow.

Karen Jo:  The fact that you have been giving her a swat on the top of the head when she does jump up on the bed has nothing to do with it, right?

Of course, right.

Emma:  Herman has been being mean to me.  He even invaded my hidey-hole between Mom's bed and the wall.

I got tired of your saying that I was too fat to get in your hidey-holes.

Emma:  Luckily, I have another hidey-hole that you ARE to fat to get into.

I keep trying and you keep growling at me.

Karen Jo:  That's because she runs to her hidey-hole she gets tired of your chasing her, Herman.  You need to give her some space.

Hey, I'm not always the bad guy here.  She chased me down the hall just the other day.  She smacks me on the head when I try to eat out of the same bowl that she is eating out of.

Emma:  That's because your head is so big that if I let you share my bowl, the next thing I know there is no room for me.

The food has been great around here lately.  Mom cooked chicken and gave me some and last night she had steak.  I got four or five bites, plus sour cream.  Mom even offered Emma a bite of steak, but she didn't want it. Emma is weird.  She even turned down a catnip treat a few days ago.

Emma:  I prefer cat food to people food.  I have decided that I only like Temptations for treats.  Mom gives me one for taking my Interferon.

I don't get a treat for taking my Interferon any more.

Karen Jo:  That's because you like taking your Interferon and Emma doesn't.  You get plenty of treats for scratching on your scratchers.  That's all for tonight and I really do promise to blog more often.  I am really sorry if I worried anyone with my absence.


Summer at said...

It sounds like you two are doing okay! I think it's a good thing you don't like the same types of treats - less competition!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Good to hear from you kittehz! We has many of the same problems at our house. (allergies included) Purrs and headbutts.

Angel Simba said...

Hi to you both and your Mom. Sorry about her allergies! It has been a bad allergy season.

Did you see the two adorable FIV+ kittens needing a home on Brian's blog? Would you have any ideas of somebody who might give them a good home?

Fuzzy Tales said...

We love your "sibling" squabbling, we always get a big kick out of it. :-)

BTW, Herman, good for you for showing your mom you're NOT too fat to get on the counter. Heh heh.

We hope your mom feels better--our mom has year-round allergies and sometimes they can be quite exhausting.

Hugs and kitty kisses from us!

Brian said...

Well you're looking as handsome as ever Herman! I'm glad you're checking out the lap Emma, that can indeed be fun. Y'all have a very Easy Sunday!!!

The Island Cats said...

It's nice to hear from you, Herman. It sounds like things are going well, even if your mom has allergies and hasn't been feeling too great. We hope she feels better.

Marilia said...

Herman and Co... have a great week!

Judi said...

Hi Herman! You have so many wonderful toys. We appreciate the info on the kitty stroller. We may try it soon. Thanks for participating in Weekend Cat Blogging.

Katnip Lounge said...

Hi Herman! We always enjoy reading about what's going on at your house. Emma, well done for trying out your Mom's lap! And some of us here don't like people food, either, so that's OK.

meowmeowmans said...

Thanks for letting us know that everything is okay!

You two sound like typical siblings to us. MOL

Karen Jo ... we have allergies, too, so we understand ... so tiring!

Ellen Whyte said...

Cats are not good at sharing, are they? Hope you are not becoming a tug of war toy between Emma and Herman!